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Ask The Devs 42 - New Formula (Vote Results Posted)

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#161 DV McKenna


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Posted 05 July 2013 - 07:04 AM

When will the developers read the following thread and give it the extensive detailed understanding answer it deserves.


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71 votes

#162 Tuann


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Posted 05 July 2013 - 07:07 AM

Do you have any timeline, which is serious (like with a two month window for example) , on when you will be able to implement Clans and Clan tech ?
Alternatively, perhaps a target quarter which you could reasonably make like : Q3 2014
Right now, transparant communication is lacking. Having an honest answer like 'not in 2014' , is also an answer.

#163 Listless Nomad


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Posted 05 July 2013 - 07:09 AM

Q. At what point did you as developers realize that Community Warfare was not feasible to be worked on until after UI 2.0 was completed, and what was the reasoning in not explaining this to the community at that time?

I.E. why did I have to listen through 25+ minutes of a third party podcast to hear Russ allude to that fact.

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#164 skarrd


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Posted 05 July 2013 - 07:16 AM

with project phoenix being the reveal of previously unseen 'mechs being allowed back into the MechWarrior universe. Is there the possibility that we will see more unseen (or even the reseen variants) brought back into the game?

Namely: Rifleman IIC and Maruader IIC (the omnimech versions preferably)

#165 WarHippy


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Posted 05 July 2013 - 07:30 AM

With the introduction of the Quickdraw we were told the Orion was bumped back a cycle, and now with the announcement of the Pheonix mechs it makes things a bit murky. If we skip the light mech again this round that would maybe put the Orion in Sept, but if there is a light mech does that mean the Orion is slated for April of next year?

#166 hammerreborn


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Posted 05 July 2013 - 07:57 AM

Will there be any future modifications to the cockpit item layouts? For instance, multiple or more tiered breakdowns of items (for instance, the 3050 banner would be a "banner" while the medallions that wouldn't conflict "hanging/medallion") or more deskspace for all of our statues/bobbleheads. As it is right now, the banner ones on the side of the cockpit aren't even noticeable without free looking.

#167 Fenris Kell


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Posted 05 July 2013 - 08:02 AM

As one of the incentives to buy the Phoenix Project has faction medallions as cockpit items. There is a strong presence of players that are aligned 'merc'; Will we see medallions for mercenary units, i.e. Wolf's Dragoons, Kell Hounds, etc..? I don't see house faction swag providing much benefit for those playing mercenary.

Basically a backhanded way to ask if we are going to get merc unit specifc items avail for purchase, CW is coming up, yet very there is STILL very little info avail to us about how things are going/planned to work.

#168 miSs

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Posted 05 July 2013 - 08:03 AM

Thanks very much for your questions everyone!

Now it's time to vote* for your favorite question by using the forum ‘like’ button in the bottom corner of every post. You must be logged in to vote, and you may ‘like’ multiple posts.

You have until Monday, 12:00 pm EDT to cast your vote at which point this thread will be temporarily unavailable while we tally the votes. Then, we will update this post to let you know which questions received the most votes.

Enjoy the weekend!

* We will not consider votes that we find to be illegitimate through duplicate accounts, scripts, or any other loopholes that we consider to be against the spirit of this voting system.

#169 miSs

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Posted 08 July 2013 - 12:44 PM

Thanks very much for your participation in the voting process! Here's the results.

Question #1 - 455 votes:
(While this question is long, we understand that it is a single question with supporting points.)
Homeless Bill: Q: I'd like to get a realistic picture of what "release" will look like. Which of the following things can you guarantee to be in-game at launch? (Yes or No - this is what you guarantee, not what you hope)

A negative response is not an indication that it will not be in-game at release - it just means there's no guarantee that it will be. And that's what I'm looking for: Will X be in for certain or not?

Big Stuff
-UI 2.0:
-Some form of Community Warfare:
-Territorial/planetary attack/defend in Community Warfare (more than just PUG matches with loyalty points):
-Some form of in-game training/tutorial:
-3rd person view:

-The ability to drop against a specific opponent (private matches):
-Some sort of stricter class/tonnage limitations:
-Pre-game lobby:

-'Mech-on-'mech collision:
-Passive sensors:

User Interface
-Some way to designate a primary target:
-Integrated voice chat:
-Minimap zoom:
-Toggle for TAG:
-Toggle for AMS:
-Ability to target friendly 'mechs:
-Functional 4x zoom module:
-Report button/functionality on Match End screen:

-DirectX 11:
-Options for more graphical fidelity (the stuff you've removed like inverse kinematics for the legs, etc.):
-Unit/Clan prefix tags:
-Proper map lighting (no more floating shadows):
-Being able to gift items or MC:

Question #2 - 279 votes:
BlackIronTarkus: Can you explain what is the reasonning/process for deciding what size a mech should be? More specificaly the quickdraw and the stalker.

Posted Image

Question #3 - 255 votes:
PeRRaKo: When are we going to have REAL lobbies (you know, the kind that every multiplayer game has where two teams setup a match) to play private matches against a team of our choosing, at the time of our choosing and what parameters will we be able to setup (map, tonnage limits, time limits, etc)?

Question #4 - 249 votes:
Felio: How feasible is it for you to address mech scaling? (such as mediums being large enough that they are just as easy to hit as assaults, even at top speed) Is this something you'd like to do in the future?

Question #5 - 206 votes:
(In an effort to keep the questions diverse, we have submitted these four questions to our developers en mass.)
BlacKcuD: Can we have a rough, but reliable release date for CW phase 2 (Fighting over territories and stuff) please?
(An answer something like "before Christmas" or "definitely 1st quarter of 2014 ends) would be awesome. Thank you. There is also rumors about "2014 for sure".)

Also CW related, with 192 votes:
Butane9000: When can we expect a serious and detailed command chair post about community warfare and the schedule for the final months of beta?

Also CW related, with 181 votes:
starkk: Could you confirm or deny that UI 2.0 and CW phase three will make it in time for launch?

Also CW related, with 88 votes:
Kraven Kor: Can we get some details on Community Warfare and post-release gameplay prior to the end of the "early bird" Project Phoenix sale? Many of us are hesitant to purchase without some idea of what future gameplay will be like.

Question #6 - 197 votes:
Bigwig: Are you going to look at the hitboxes of those static map models that keep blocking my shots? (eg crystals on tourmaline, rocks on canyon, some buildings on rivercity)

Question #7 - 168 votes:
Icebergdx: Is there a plan to adjust the new movement situation on hills, as right now it appears to be broken in several ways. Examples include:
1. Small wrinkles in terrain that are not visible stopping or slowing mechs with no reason.
2. Inability to use jump jets to "hop" over terrain that stops the mech if the mech has been forced to stop due to terrain. (Per the books, and other Mechwarrior games, jump jets are directional in that if you are giving a direction input even though stopped against an obstacle, it will allow you to move int hat direction once the obstacle is cleared.
3. Lack of consistency in the terrain effects (areas that look no different in angle, but have different climb speeds, or one can be climbed, one cant.)
4. Direct statement of devs that "it its white, you can climb it" not being the fact of the matter in alpine.
5. Are maps going to be changed to remove areas that are ont he maps that are meant to look like paths up, so that people quit getting trapped there (the various brown paths among the rocks under and near the tall bridge in River City and River City night.)

This issue with movement has in many ways turned the game almost unplayable, and very unenjoyable. I feel that the idea of the terrain effects is good, but I think that it has been implemented in to severe a manner, and needs to be readjusted, and play-tested with the community to better tweak it.

Question #8 - 163 votes:
Ed Steele: There have been rumors from PGI mutterings and forum chatter, that hardpoint limitations may be implemented in the near future. If so, could we get any details on this?

Question #9 - 123 votes:
Suprentus: Similar to how commanders can mark the team’s maps with orders, do you plan to give scout ‘Mechs the ability to mark maps? For example, being able to mark enemy sightings (both individual and grouped enemies) and their current headings? I, myself, could see marking headings with a click and drag, leaving an arrow on the map or something.
And if implemented, would such observations offer rewards if the scout is accurate?

Question #10 - 122 votes:
Tank Boy Ken: Can you post details on the distribution of Mechs bought? In % would be nice enough. Like 20% of all Mechs are Cicadas, unrealistic but I guess it would be Garth's utopia.

Question #11 - 116 votes:
mint frog: What do you plan on doing to retain players now that its been shared (NGNG) that we won't see CW until 2014? Do you expect people to stick around death-matching for another six months?
More challenges?
These kind of low-effort things have proven to be quite successful in bringing players back to the game. Why not implement them in the meantime?

Question #12 - 109 votes:
(In an effort to keep the questions diverse, we have submitted these three questions to our developers en mass.)
Dude42: Do you have any plans to address instant convergence and give usefulness back to that pilot skill, or are instant pinpoint alphas here to stay?

Also along the same lines, with 107 votes:
Typatty: What other ideas for balancing high alpha builds are being considered besides heat penalties for multiple weapons of the same type being fired simultaneously? (example: convergence, area damage dispersion, etc.)
Also along the same lines, with 89 votes:
IceSerpent:Can we get a detailed description of what exactly your vision of weapon balance is? I am not looking for generic "we want everything balanced" answer, but rather something along the lines of "weapon X should fit this role, weapon Y should fit that role, ideally there would be these pros ond cons of choosing X over Y, etc."

Question #13 - 90 votes:
Mal: Given the miscommunication that seems to happen every time you release information via a podcast (just look at the comments in the release day announcement thread regarding Russ saying CW is pushed back till 2014)... Can you please make a post here on the official site, containing any information you release via podcasts?

Edit: to clarify, I don't mean a recap of stuff posted to news sites (polygon, verge,etc..etc..)..just information that is released via podcasts that people don't want to be forced to listen too, since listening to a 'cast takes much longer then reading a news article.

Question #14 - 85 votes:
Oxyclean: How will the pheonix mech standard variants be handled? Will the Locust, Shadow Hawk, Thunderbolt and Battlemaster only see 3 variants when they're released? If not, how will the 2 standard variants offered in the pheonix bundle be chosen?

Question #15 - 84 votes:
Kmieciu: It's been over 3 months now since the "temporary" SRM "hotfix" (damage 2.5 -> 1.5, explosion radius 4.5 -> 0.05)
Have you considered bringing the damage back to 2.5?
Because ever since then, PPC out-brawl SRMs. Light and medium mechs lost their only high alpha weapons and that's why everyone uses heavy and assault mechs stuffed with PPC and Gauss/ AC20.

Honorable mention to CG Oglethorpe Kerensky, who got 155 votes for this question - I will submit this one to the Devs as a bonus :) :
CG Oglethorpe Kerensky: We want to give you money, so when are we going to get a Tetatae Bobblehead that will squawk when the pilot gets a kill?

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