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Posted 17 November 2011 - 03:36 PM

Hello everyone, The boards have been up for awhile now, and while most of posts are fine, you may have noticed some disappearing. No they aren't emulating a famous phantom Archer, they are being removed for being inappropriate, insulting, attacking, or intentionally trying to start flame wars. Thus, the following topics will be removed
  • Unauthorized modification of software, even if it's 'just to mention' it.
  • Tabletop vs. Video Game MechWarrior – Which is better?
  • Insults based on Race, Gender, Political view, Sexual orientation, Religion, Values, love/not love of Ponies.
  • Excessive swearing (a 'damn' is ok, constant swearing is not)
  • Creating topics to start a fight
Keep in mind that being able to post here is a privilege, not a right. If you are insulting other forum members or making the forums in any way a hostile atmosphere, you will be warned, and/or depending on severity, banned. Consider the following things when posting:
  • Is what you're saying a useful contribution? Are you trying to start a fight? (Common Sense, everyone)
  • Has this been talked about in another thread? Possibly, in many other threads? Use the search function!
  • Is what you are about to say advocating and/or making light of criminal activities? (Chances are we don't advocate that, nor think it's funny)
  • Intentionally posting false information, or making false statements.
Also, be sure to read the Code of Conduct. Those are not polite suggestions, they are codes of behavior. Discuss, disagree, politely argue, just know the limit, eh?

MechWarrior® Online™ Code of Conduct Summary

The rules outlined below represent a summary of the conditions outlined in our Code of Conduct, and they apply to all forum areas and languages. Our Community Moderators are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the Code of Conduct and other issues you may have with our forums or users.


Discrimination & Harassment

Discrimination and harassment, including posting, linking or implicating such action, will not be tolerated. Discrimination includes defamatory language or the promotion of racism, violence, inflammatory comments, derogatory comments or other forms of directed hatred, including but not limited to the use of racial slurs, homophobic language or the subjugation of a gender or group of people, such as a nationality or religion. Furthermore, there shall be no discrimination against unicorns, belly-button size/orientation (‘innie’ or ‘outie’), or favourite ice-cream flavours.

Personal Information & Impersonation

The impersonation of other people or staff members is strictly prohibited. Accounts should only be accessed by the person to which it belongs and all passwords should be kept private. Do not post personal information about anyone, including any real-life information about other players or employees. Your account may not be traded or sold, but it may be downloaded into a humanoid clone.

Pornographic Material

The MechWarrior® Online™ forums are not an appropriate area to be engaging in this type of activity. We heard that an Atlas in the `Mech Lab wants to give you a hug though.

Violence & Illicit Drugs or Activities

Users may not engage in discussion that promotes violence or illicit activities, including references or posts regarding drugs, real-life violent activities, and obscene or vulgar content (including shock sites or photos). Chatting about how high you get with jump-jets is acceptable.

Spam, Hacking & Cheating

The discussion of hacks or exploits, including but not limited to piracy, cheating, trojans, malicious programs or scams, is not to be discussed on our forums. Please keep discussion on topic and in the correct section, and refrain from creating superfluous threads or posts. Any spamming, trolling, advertising or repeated posts will not be tolerated, and we will unleash our army of UrbanMechs.

Disciplinary Actions & Bans

Circumventing a suspension/ban or discussing disciplinary actions on the forums is not permitted. Users may not post from another account or post on another user’s behalf. You may however email us through holographic avatars or body-snatched bodies.

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