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Posted Yesterday, 11:21 PM

Name: ViVeLaMe
Callsign: vive
Timezone: GMT +1
House/Faction: Davion, for sentimental reasons, since Battletech & Mechwarriors RPG, but can change.
Playstyle: Here for the fun. I like winning, but i don't mind losing.
Roletype: started with LRM support, then light recon/ECM, sniping, and now assault brawling.
Preferred Weight: Light & assault, haven't really played with anything inbetween, but i'll come around to it eventually.
Experience: Played Battletech, Mechwarrior tabletop RPG, MW 2-4. Spent most of my time lately with atlases (mastered) & highlander, for brawling, ECM, sniping. Mastered Ravens a while back to have fun with ECMs (PPC sniping in a 3X is FUN! :3)

So, i'm looking to drop with a group of people with a focus on TEAMPLAY and having fun. While i'm not at all adverse to trying stupid/unusual builds or strats (i remember having great success on MW3 with a ******* light with 16 MGs, running fast and backstabbing everyone.. :3), i can dig more serious and organised strats, and i'm always up to learning new tricks.
Ideally, you're an average-to-large group, because i'm not the most available guy, especially at the time (work, wife, kids, and a move in preparation) and i can't be relied upon to be there every evening.
I speak french, and a decent english.

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