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#1601 MarsAtlas


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Posted 26 September 2014 - 02:17 PM

Looking for some people for this weekend challenge, as I usually drop alone. As I suspect many people will want spot assists, I'll mention that I have a LRM-boat in the Medium, Heavy, and Assault weight classes for the 1.5 multiplier. Otherwise, I have plenty of non-LRM specific builds, and I have the ECM capable Raven-3L and Spider-5D. No voicechat though, sorry.

Callsign: Mars
Timezone: Eastern US, playing from 6 PM to midnight-ish tonight, same time tomorrow night.
House: Steiner
Playstyle: Harassment, flanking, spotting and information warfare.
Roletype: Don't know what the difference between this and playstyle is supposed to be, so I'll just leave a silly response...


Preferred weight: Medium, though I own some heavy and assault mechs too.
Experience: Mechwarrior 2, 3, and 4 (only single-player), member of MWO for over a year. I think I'm an okay pilot. Not good, not bad, just okay. I'd like to think that I don't make stupid mistakes often.

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#1602 Muinitcator


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Posted 26 September 2014 - 09:53 PM

Looking for some assistance completing the Lance Challenge 2

- No idea where to find people to play with in this game, hoping this thread is still active.

Name: "Muinitcator"

Callsign: Screaming Monkey
Timezone: UCT 10
House/Faction: Ghost Bear
Playstyle: Narc-Troll / Assault Brawler
Roletype: Light/Assualt
Preferred Weight: Light/Assualt
Experience: Playing since launch

#1603 Zeta Zhul


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Posted 26 September 2014 - 10:30 PM

Name: Zeta Zhul
Callsign: ZZ
Timezone: EST
House/Faction: Clan/Steiner/Marik
Playstyle: Either support or very aggressive attack
Roletype: Nothing determined as yet. Trying out a lot of different things
Preferred Weight: Currently Light mechs but working my way up the weight classes as I achieve "Elite" status in each chassis
Experience: Original Battletech boxed set, every version of every Battletech computer game, every version of every RPG/source book. Battletech "battle pods" at Dave & Busters (lol).

I used to run as call sign "Khan Flashheart" aka "Flash" in a (I believe) long since shut down Battletech league based on MW2. I was Khan of an online Clan in that league and we did pretty well and had a blast. "Clan Godzilla". LOL. I was trying to think up the most irrevent silly name for a Clan and came up with that. Got a lot of grief from other Khans about it but that just made me laugh harder. Then I got a Cease & Desist letter from a law firm over it. ROFLMAO. Now it seems you can't swng a dead Locust without hitting a Clan Godzilla in some game or another.

I think I found someone in MWO that used to be in my Clan. Sybian? Small world ain't it? :)

Now due to a chronic illness I'm basically housebound, retired and currently undergoing physical rehab. So I've got not a lot to do beyond read through my list of books, keep my hand in programming by writing code and playing games. I think I've done about 150+ matches in the last month and that's with a very flaky wi-fi/internet connection that isn't working well about 80% of the time. Getting that fixed is a high priority and it's proving to be a real PITA.

Sorry if this wall of text is too much or TMI.

tl;dr: old fart is old.

#1604 Ed McGuire


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Posted 28 September 2014 - 06:01 PM

Name: Ed McGuire

Callsign: Ragnarok

Timezone: EST

House/Clan: TBD

Playstyle: TBD

Roletype: Light atm, Open to any

Experience: Heavy Metal, Mech Assault, Mech Assault 2 Lone Wolf, Steel Battalion

#1605 Ultragen


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Posted 29 September 2014 - 04:04 AM

Name: Haris

Callsign: Ultragen
Timezone: GMT+2 (GR)
House/Faction: Davion
Playstyle: Still trying to figure out (till now, anything but frontline assault)
Roletype: Light harassing, medium support, medium to long range supporting fire
Preferred Weight: Light, Medium, Heavy (currently own a Spider 5D, a KTO-18 and a TDS-9S)
Experience: MW2, MW4 (along with Merceneries and Black Night). MW4 is the only game I have ever finished in Elite difficulty. Mech Commander 2.
A few restrictions: Unfortunatelly due to babies at home, I cannot join in TS :( Really wish I could, but it completely blocks me from anything else going on at home. I try to play some matches every day close to 21:00 to 22:00.

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#1606 OniBeowulf


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Posted Yesterday, 06:43 PM


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