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About Me

My name is David Tesla, Cameron and Rose Tesla are my parents. Our family has called Kathil home for the last one hundred and fifty years. Even longer than that, our family has carried on the proud tradition of military service dating back to Colonel Jackson Tesla who had risen through the ranks as a Tank Commander during the First Andurien War. Years later his wife Yumi Katano-Tesla was one of the many lawyers that helped draft the Ares Convention.

It was during the Reunification War that our family was awarded a BattleMech, what kind I can’t say as that was lost over time, but it was some sort of missile carrier. But in 2889 during the prolonged Third Succession War; Captain Emery Tesla was awarded a Crusader after the loss of his Mech during a skirmish with Capellan forces along the border. Ten years later he retired to Kathil. My father served during both the Third and Fourth Succession Wars.

It was during a particularly brutal battle that my father was awarded the Gold Sunburst and was promoted the rank of Captain. Dad also had taken down an Atlas and was given the rights of salvage, he accepted this and relinquishing his rights to the family Crusader, which was becoming unstable after untold generations of combat. From what I hear, my Grandfather was out raged when he heard that my father had given up our heirloom for some ‘walking monstrosity’.

Over all these years, my families fortunes have ebbed and flowed like the tide, from simple workers to wealthy industrialist. Fortunes have been built and fortunes have been lost from misfortune or foolishness. Traditions had been formed as well, in those early years it seemed that my ancestors joined the military out of a sense of civic duty, but as the years passed, it became expected that at least one child would serve. During the Third Succession War, not only did my Father serve as a Mech jock, but both his brother Patrick and his sister Margaret served as well. The former in Military Intelligence (MIIO) the latter as an Aerospace pilot, neither of them survived to see its end. Another tradition is the telling of the family history to our children, over the years much has been lost, but each father or mother tries to tell as faithfully the proud history of our Tesla name. I cannot tell you when our family became loyal citizens of the Federated Suns, but I know when my ancient great grandfather Jackson served it was with the Terran Alliance and when Emery Tesla served it was as a proud soldier of the AFFC.

When I turned eighteen, my father of course expected me to follow in his footsteps, only I had my own plans on how things would work out. In 3027, I applied and was accepted into the College of Engineering at the New Avalon Institute of Science. No one was fighting at this time (like the first time in living memory) and I wanted to contribute to the future of mankind as much as I wanted to be a Mech jockey. Of course a year later the Fourth Succession War started and my Father was off again to service, which made things simpler between the two of us, even though communication between Kathil and New Avalon had been infrequent. During my studies I took a number of extracurricular courses from the College of Military Science.

By the time I graduated as an Engineer the war was already over, but I continued my studies, only now with the Military Science program, much to the delight of my Father. I had also taken up a job as a researcher with NAIS and I’m proud to have been a member of the teams that developed Target Acquisition Gear in 3033 and some advances to the cooling suit that every MechWarrior depends on to survive in their cockpit.

I served with the 5th Crucis Lancer for four years, but before the War of 3039 I was transferred to our sister unit the 3rd Crucis Lancers. I saw heavy action on Caph, when the Ryuken of the DCMS raided the planet. Afterwards, we were deployed to Marcus, where on September 9th the 25th Marik Militia arrived on planet, within a month we had devastated them and forced them to flee the planet.

For the last decade I’d been back home on Kathil, serving as a reserve for the Capellan March Militia while doing research. Occasionally, I’d be called off for duty on a border skirmish or to deal with pirates.

Recently, I’ve had the itch to move on and put in for a transfer. I’ve just arrived on Robinson to serve with the 1st Robinson Rangers. After serving for over 8 months with them an opportunity came up with a Mercenary outfit called Aces Wild, while never seeing myself as a 'gun for hire' it was a good chance to test myself.

Vitals: David Tesla
DOB: 28/04/09. Home Planet: Kathil
Blood Type: O+ Eyesight: 20/15 (after corrective surgery)

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