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Sun Glare Issue On Viridian Bog

24 November 2014 - 01:31 PM

I was on Viridian Bog this weekend and noticed an issue that PGI might want to address.

My lance had taken the swampy plateu near the D4 hill. I started to take missile hits, even though I was pretty far back and am almost certain no one had LOS to me. I called for a UAV check, but we soon realized that the bloom effect from the sun when looking in the direction of the enemy team made it impossible to see ANYTHING in the sky.

I know that in reality this could be a cunning strategy to prevent the enemy from retaliating against their UAV. However, this is a game. I don't have the option to wear sunglasses, add tint to my mech's glass, or even shade my eyes with my hand to spot the UAV. Essentially, the UAV was impossible to spot or hit from our position and we had to retreat from the missile barrage.

I'm not sure if PGI is aware of this or not, but it gives an advantage to one side, but not the other.I hope PGI can take a look at this and do something to make it a bit more fair.

Thanks For The Premium Time Pgi!

22 November 2014 - 05:24 PM

I know there's a lot of whining and complaining going on about the current tournament, but I just wanted to say thank you for the three days of premium time. Even though I don't have the time to grind a way to get that free Victor, the premium time alone was a nice gesture. So, even if I feel this tournament brought out some bad behavior and sportsmanship from some of the players, I do it appreciate what I did get out of it.

Where'd My Christmas Tree Go?

16 November 2014 - 05:59 PM

Last year I participated in the Christmas challenge and got the Christmas tree cockpit item. I KNOW I put it on some mech, but have no idea which one. Interestingly enough, when I check the list of cockpit items, I don't even see it on the list at all. Will it only show up when I'm on the mech it's equipped on, or should it be there, even if I'm on another mech?

Also, any advice on how to find the Christmas tree without wasting 30 minutes of my life going through each mech 1 by 1 searching for it?

Man I loathe UI2.0.

Overide & Overheating

13 October 2014 - 09:30 AM

When you overheat, the mech automatically shuts down. In some circumstances, overheating and shutting down still causes damage to the mech. For instance, alpha-striking in a Nova Prime. What is the threshold that determines if a mech takes internal damage from heat or not?

If shutting down actually accellerated the cooling rate of your mech when it's powered off, then shutting down makes a bit of sense. However, in MWO it feels like it just makes you stop for 5+ seconds while you power back up, making you a sitting duck.

I'm curious if there's any really negative side affect to just mapping "O" to my fire keys whenever I shoot. This would allow me to avoid overheating and becoming an imobile/stationary target. Yes, the mech may take damage when it overheats, but this happens if you overheat badly enough anyways.

Can anyone shed some light on how this works and why this mapping "O" to weapons idea might be a terribly bad idea. Please, no responses like "Overheating is bad for your mech". Please tell me WHY it's bad. Do you take even MORE heat damage when active vs shut down? Why would shutting down and standing their be better than running my mech at 100+ heat for a few seconds (but still being mobile and able to spread damage or retreat)?


Arm Lock Solution

11 October 2014 - 10:29 AM

The issue: Arm Lock allows "pro/good/high level" players the ability to make pinpoint shots with all weapons onto one spot. PGI and some players think Arm Lock should not be used this way and would like to possibly limit it in high-end play and make it a training tool for noobs only.

Solution: Make Arm Lock a Mech Module that every player has equipped onto their mech by default.

The benefit of this should be obvious. A new player won't have the money for the expensive mech modules. Having the Arm Lock module there by default means that they will have this assist available to them as needed, at no cost or inconvenience. However, once they start getting better, that module slot would be much more useful with something like Radar Derp or Seismic.

Unless there is some engineering/code reason that makes this option a non-possibility, I don't really see any downside to this at all. If you want the Arm Lock, it's always an option to you, but at high-end play, it's a strategic decision to take Arm Lock over another module that might put you at a tactical advantage.