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About Me

Friedrich Nix was born on December 6th, 3010 on planet Alcor; he is the first child of the wealthy and conservative Nix family, whose roots extend back to the days of Alcor’s colonization by the first wave of settlers from Earth. Nix’s father Hans was an important figure in the Lyran Intelligence Corps, the Molehunters. Raised in a protective family, the young Friedrich Nix was taught to be a good representative of his family as high ranking officials of the Lyran Intelligence were a frequent presence for social and official gatherings at their home. As he matured, he joined his parents on several visits to Tharkad and was able to meet high ranking Lyran officials.

Thus, attendance at the famous Nagelring College on Tharkad was a foregone and natural conclusion.

In 3032 Nix graduated from the Nagelring with a special commendation for commanding BattleMechs in battle.

The callsign ‘DoctorDigital’ was ‘awarded’ to him by his fellow graduates during his stay at the Nagelring: he had spent a lot of time in the medical center where he met his later wife – a medical doctor. On one instance, Nix faked an electronic pass to identify him as a medical doctor, in order to to take a day off work and request the attendance of a medical student for an ultra-secret, military project. He was able to spend a wonderful day with his girlfriend, who was a student at the time, and on that same day asked her to marry him.

The 5th Lyran Guards – The Steadfast – were his first assignment in 3032. He started out as a Private and was promoted to Sergeant when his commanding officers saw his leadership qualities. During his time with the 5th Lyran Guards the unit was stationed on Carver V, to maintain peace following the absorption of the Tikonov Free Republic.

In 3036 Nix joined the 3rd Donegal Guards when handpicked MechWarriors were transferred to various new units in the Lyran Commonwealth. These handpicked individuals were meant to strengthen the selected units for Operation Fish Dog: a secret military project encompassing various regiments throughout the Lyran Commonwealth and even some of the Draconis Combine under the command of the ComGuards. It was a grand scale training to fortify peripheral border worlds and reconquer these from an unknown invasion force. The military operation was considered a significant success. After this training operation was finished in 3036, Nix was promoted to First Leutnant and Lance Commander.

With the culmination of Operation Fish Dog, several MechWarriors who had been absorbed from other units were transferred elsewhere; Nix received his assignment papers to support the 3rd Davion Guards in 3038. Within the different rank system, he was commissioned the rank of Leftenant and later promoted to Captain in 3045. Nix was a Lance Commander in the War of 3039 when the 3rd Lyran Guards, the 3rd Davion Guards, the Snord’s Irregulars, the 1st Grave Walkers and the 17th Recon invaded Vega. The War of 3039 was considered a failure for the LCAF and the AFFS, but the 3rd Davion Guards proved their worthiness in battle and finished the conflict stronger than they started.

Although the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth were created in 3041, in 3048 Nix desired to return to his roots in the Skye March, having spent a long enough time away from the places he loved.

Finally in 3049 he was given the chance to transfer to the 22nd Skye Rangers Regiment as Company Commander of the 1st Company after the former Commander suddenly and unexpectedly stepped down from his post. Nix saw his chance and filed the transfer to the Unit. His achieved rank as Captain was transferred to Hauptmann when joining the Skye Rangers.

In 3049 there were troubled times within the 22nd Skye Rangers Regiment and Nix put all effort into rebuild that unit to glory. The 22nd have been a Garrison Unit for years and all graduates from a War College were first transferred to this Regiment when joining the Skye Rangers. After a short stay with the 22nd they get transferred to a different unit. Under the command of Rune von Stieleiche – callsign ‘WarHorse’ – a training regiment was created and also the 1st Company – Nix’ Company – was stepping up as a fast response company to support different troops in the Skye March on special operations. Nix was able to place handpicked officers into his Company and rebuild that unit from scratch.

Later that year, Stieleiche quit his military career and joined the Snord’s Irregulars Mercenary Force as Commander, leaving Nix as Regiment Commander of the 22nd Skye Rangers. Nix was promoted to Colonel by Skye Front Command.

While the 22nd Skye Rangers Regiment flourished under his command, HQ and the Skye Front Command took note of the Regiment Commander. While testing Nix with various smaller projects for HQ, more and more time went into operations that were not developed for the 22nd Skye Rangers Regiment, but for the whole Skye Brigade.

Finally in 3050 Nix got the promotion to Leutnant-General and called to HQ as Attaché to Kommandant-General Johann Karl Grecco-Steiner.
In late 3050 had proven to be more than the regular Attaché and was promoted to be the Skye Ranger's Master at Arms.

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