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Targeting Computers...

02 July 2014 - 04:54 PM

Soo, I see no threads about these things. What are people's takes on the changes and additions to these things?

So far, I have mounted a II and IV on my Warhawk, I am having a hard time dropping enough heatsinks to mount a larger 6 or 7.

So far, I have only used them in the Training grounds and with laser loadouts. I notice little difference overall. Zoom is not even noticeable. Do the TC 2 not even affect C ER PPC? I notice my range was 810 no matter what.


22 June 2014 - 05:25 PM

So all these Dakkawolves, but what about a Dakkahawk?

I have 2 loadouts on my Warhawk im mildly pleased with,

1st is a 2 LPL 2 LL loadout with AMS and max armor.

2nd is 3 ER LL with 3 SRM6+art with max armor

I now have a 3rd mech and wanna make a ballistic based load out, but am unsure just how I wanna make it. I personally dont feel comfortable using these ballistics in this game cuz they seem highly ammo dependant and the Clan cannons are burst fire things....

However, I see a heap of cannon clanners and mechs and figure, its about time I got on the boat and L2P with some cannon loadout. Im bad at Gauss Rifle, with that charge up and all, and Clan ACs seem to have areally long TTK, even in training grounds. I once mounted a Dual UAC20 on my Warhawk and couldnt carry enough ammo to drop the Cataphract and Centurion lol....

Then on the matter of which clan cannons is overall better, is it UAC, AC or LBX?


Ams Range/speed Modules

19 June 2014 - 09:22 PM

Are they worth it?

I was looking at the AMS modules, Range lvl1 is 750GXP for 4-8m increase.

AMS Overdrive is like 10K or something absurd, that one also worth its price?

I know AMS overall is a pretty nifty little item, but are the upgrades worth their overall costs?

And I searched another thread for the anwser but it was an archived thread with little info on it...


19 June 2014 - 02:21 PM

The Centurion overall isnt a very good mech is it?

I am messing with it on an Alt account and in Smurfy and it just seems slow and kinda undergunned.

I am running its stock config with a few alterations.

This is the final loadout I have put together in Smurfy


Crimson Strait Unbalanced?

15 June 2014 - 09:57 PM

Ok, so I have been watching PTS clan videos and noticed one thing about the ones on Crimson Strait...the side that spawns in the north wins every single battle and its not even a fight, its a 12-1 wipe.

I was part of a 12-1 wipe on this map after having spawned in the south as well.

Why does this happen? Is the map designed to be unbalanced or something?