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To all friends paying attention to this list, this is likely to be my last transmission for a while. We are on the move, again. I hope to be back on within a couple of weeks,... Updated 30 Aug · 0 comments

About Me

I have been playing BattleTech since 1985 (picked up 2nd Edition BattleDroids, aka BattleTech, in November 1984 at Union Station Hobbies in Sandy, Utah).  The Clans, in '92, were disruptive, and it took me until about 2000 to get used to them.  My favorite time period of all came between the Clan Invasion and the WoB Jihad, which is the FedCom Civil War.  The WoB Jihad, however, is something I will never 'get used to', as it's utter garbage and never should have been introduced to the BattleTech storyline.  All that comes after is the same.

I entered the U.S. Army in March '93, spent time in Germany between '94 and '97, was married in June '95, time in Bosnia in '96, and back to the States in '97.

I began playing the computer games while I was in school for my Associates Degree in Computer-Aided Drafting/Design, with the first MechWarrior.  I've played Crescent Hawks Inception and Revenge, MechWarrior 2, Ghost Bear's Legacy, and Mercenaries in single player prior to going online, starting in 1997, and playing with the Eridani Light Horse, Northwind Highlanders, and Wolf's Dragoons in the various leagues available at that time.

Because of my experiences with those other units, I decided to form Armageddon Unlimited, which continued the history of the Wolf Family Mercenary Units, LLC, from the same year in which I began the game, 1985.  E.J. "LightScout" Stewart was the first person I was able to recruit, though it was more like he was recruiting me, and we were fast friends from the outset.

Between September 1997 and October 1999, our unit managed to bloom from two to forty-three members in no time at all, and we played in every league we could get our numbers into, often having to resort to playing canon units, instead, which we made work but didn't like.  We began with MW2: Mercs, and ended with MechWarrior 3 during this time-frame.  The in-game timeframe for these games placed them after that of MechWarrior Online, so that history has been developed here for your perusal.

I reached my Estimated Termination of Service from the Army in March '99 and, in October, through a very unfortunate set of events life became difficult, until November 2001, forcing me to close AU for the first time.

After getting my life back into some semblance of usefulness, I began making plans to get AU up and running again and, in Spring of 2002, I opened a new web site with new forums, and the unit grew to about 23 people, to fight again in MW4: Vengeance, Black Knight, and Mercenaries for a time.  The 'feel' of the community, and the way the game treated the BattleTech universe was not right for me, and it began to have an effect on the unit, and we close the doors for a second time in June '04.

I did raise AU for a third time, and we played in Inner Sphere Wars, a league/MMOG that was on-track to become something extremely fun and satisfying; however, a disagreeable turn of events, there, brought the attempt to keep AU moving to a swift halt, again.

Between October 2011, when MechWarrior: Online was announced, and September 2012, an absolutely amazing group of people came together, and for the first time in a long time I was able to play, as opposed to administering AU, and we had a great deal of fun.  The unit was twice the size it had ever been, before, and some amazingly skilled and generous folks came together to support play in MechWarrior Online's Closed Beta.  Due to personal issues, and my inability to continue commanding the unit AND the real-life issues, I was basically forced to close AU again.

I've been through all I've been through, and I'm still here.  One of my most important personal attributes is perseverance, and I intend to be here for some time to come.

In late-June, early-July 2014, Armageddon Unlimited will go through a re-boot, where all former personnel will maintain their old ranks, awards and achievements, and kudos, though these may be breveted for positions that need to be filled unless/until enough of the educational opportunities are completed or they make rank naturally, through time-in-service.  All previous records remain in place, and prior service folks will go up faster than new ones, but I want to make sure everyone has as equal a chance as possible to be where they have earned the right to be, rather than just placing folks due to my perceptions of their abilities.  

We will see if the hard lessons I have been forced to learn will hold out for me, so I don't take everything as personally as I've done in the past, so we can become the best MilSim unit in the MWO universe.  If you're interested in participating with a relatively game-serious unit, one that holds honor, respect, and duty as highly important elements to a successful unit, and you're willing to try out MY vision for our success in MWO, feel free to friend me, to receive updates, and to check us out at here!

The plan is for me, and a few others who are coming back to AU, to finish school, or be able to get real-life issues settled down, and to form a time-line for growth and activation of elements that will loosely follow PGIs startup time-line for 2014.  So, From now through late June early July 2014, there will be a slow activation and non-advertised reintegration and recruitment of returning and new MechWarrior's, though we will not play seriously together.  Between now and then, we will begin playing together for leisure purposes, training together, and, having completed the new MechWarrior Service Records, rebuilt the Education and Awards programs, and will begin re-processing returning members, and processing new ones, activating time-in-service, again.  Toward the end of June, beginning of July, the unit will officially go active, including recruiting, evaluations, training, etc., and we will begin playing together in official drops.

If this sounds like a plan you would be willing to follow, and/or you want to be part of a MilSim environment and/or love the BattleTech universe and believe in its canonicity, then I welcome you to read the web site, see if AU is the place for you, and let's see what you've got.

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