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Born, or rather "grown" in a cloning facility, Subject 17253's maturation tank was accidentally flooded with a new experimental psychotropic combat stimulant. This caused his premature awakening before his somnabulant programming was completed. Knowing only rage, he smashed through his plexiglass tank and, bare handed, began to kill all the science staff present in the facility. At least 50 lay dead or dieing along the path towards the armory, a lot more on the route from there towards the hanger.

Little more is known about this incident, some records were sealed, others destroyed. What is known is that the moon the research station was on was totally destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion that left only dust and debris in it's place. No survivors were reported.

However, Subject 17253 did not perish. Some might speculate that he escaped prior to the explosion on a stolen dropship, others have speculated he in fact found a mech chassis and rode it on a large chunk of debis out from the very heart of the explosion. Either way he was not heard from for over 10 years.

The legend goes, that he travelled out beyond the outer sphere, where he found a small moon, it had some hardy plant life and a breathable atmosphere, what had drawn him there however was the faint radio signal he had been draw to in the vastness of space.

The signal he found turned out to be an old earth "first contact" satalite. Crashed but somehow still relatively intact. In it contained various bits of information, mostly fragmented, but a number of things called "Ebooks" had survived within the memory core however.

17253 with little else to do, read the ebooks and tried to get by. He found little in the way of inspiring food on the moon he now called home but sufficient to get by. In actual fact, due to the books he had read and that he had found that one of the hardy plants seemed to be quite enjoyable to smoke if allowed to dry in the sun, his rage had finally subsided.

9 years of solitude, many go insane from such an experiance, but 17253's head had cleared, and for the first time he knew his purpose. He was a pure bred MechWarrior! but more, he was not Clan, nor was he InnerSphere, he was free.

He had travelled the Verse, read many of the great philosophrs from "Earth that was". Sun Tzu, Machiovelli, Howard Marks, and he found sense in their teachings. He took a name and decided to return to "civilisation" to forge his taken name in fire and Iron. His goal, that all will know him, many will love him, all will fear him.

His plan has already begun, he's here now, and he's called.


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