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Nor Azman

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About Me

Username - Nor Azman
Contact information - um, bumb me a pm at the MWO forums
Character name - Azman
Callsign - Reptile
Current mech - Busted up 25 ton COM 2D Commando
Current affiliation - The Browncoats IMC

Description - Tall and skinny, with "little meat on him". 6'1 height, brown skin, black eyes, with "Eww, your hair feels like straw, do you ever use shampoo?" short black hair. Wears a well-worn large brown coat over nondescript shirt and pants. Usually straps a Periphery frontier rifle on his shoulder, a relic six-shooter revolver (with own made bullets) on a side holster and a wakizashi long dagger at his belt. Does have some grenades in his pockets. Wears a notched up pair of glasses and a sheepish smile ever on his face.


His Story

Azman was born in the Capellen Confederation border world of No Return in the year 3020. Born to a poor family, as almost everyone was in No Return. At age 11, he was recruited to serve, like many his age, as a child-solider for House Liao.

Though the Fourth Succession War was over, skirmishes and raids were not uncommon on the borders of House Liao's Capellan Confederation and House Davion's side of the newly-formed Federated Commonwealth. No Return was no different as any border world, seeing its share of violence as House forces met.

The life expectancy of a child-soldier was never long. However Azman had beaten statistics, surviving to the ripe old age of 17. His role - serving mostly as an infantry scout in the local Capellan Confederation Armed Forces (CCAF). Eventually though statistics did caught up with Azman. In a lightning raid, Azman's company of mechs, armour and infantry was wiped out by superior House Davion forces. Azman was among those captured and shipped to the Federated Commonwealth side of the border for questioning.

Though many in the CCAF would disagree, Azman never found the idea of dying for House Liao worthwhile. Dying for any of the Great Houses for that matter. He had seen too many of his comrades die over the years to entertain any notion of death and glory. So when the interrogation began by his Davion captors, Azman did not feel too guilty in telling what he knew. Only after enough abuse was received of course. Azman still wore House Liao's colours and it was always unseemly for any captured soldier to give up information too easily. A show of resistance was expected because then, what would be the point of an interrogation? So when enough was enough, with the torture and such, Azman told what he knew, which was not much considering he was just a lowly ranked infantry scout. Now, House Liao's procedure on captured enemy soldiers was simple - that after interrogation, enemy soldiers were to be executed by firing squad. Simple. House Davion however believed in the higher virtues of mercy. Azman was given a choice. He could be released back to No Return where he would be arrested, interrogated, tortured then executed as a traitor. (The House Liao way) Or, Azman, as a trained infantry, could enlist in House Davion's first contact units or in infantry slang, 'mech fodder' units. A simple choice really. Either to die sooner under House Liao or die later under House Davion. Azman chose the later. Azman was issued a House Davion uniform and shipped to the Davion-Kurita border.

A House's regular forces are quite figuratively the very pillars in which a House is built on. A House existence is relative to this military strength. For centuries, military strength is the balance, in the universe at war that is the Inner Sphere. That is why the survival of a House's regular forces to be of the utmost importance. Any significant loss could mean utter destruction. Many methods are use to minimise losses of House regular forces. The most common method is the hiring of mercenary units for military actions projected to have high casualty rates. Another method, less expensive (and equally less effective) is the formation of of so called first contact 'mech fodder' units.

Comprising of prisoners of war, convicted criminals, imprisoned political dissidents and any poor soul with the bad luck of crossing the authorities, these units are often shaped into infantry and armour elements. Usually with little or no air support and definitely no mech support to speak of, 'mech fodder' units main and only role is to act as buffer, and absorb the initial brunt of the enemy before House regular forces engage. Knowing exactly their role, very very few in 'mech fodder' units are motivated to 'fight for the cause'. Only the PPC pointing at their backs encourages 'mech fodder' units of infantry and armour to charge forward, usually against mech supported enemy lines.

Azman was shipped to such a unit up in the Davion-Kurita border. Azman's new comrades were fellow captured CCAF soldiers, convicted criminals, arrested pirates, indebted mercenaries and even some political malcontents. All now expected to fight and die for House Davion. For the next two years, Azman and his comrades were rigorously drilled in infantry and armour tactics, preparing for the next great war.

The lightning war of 3039, though not unexpected, came with the ferocity and speed for which would be the hallmark of the Federated Commonwealth war machine. Better integration since the the Fourth Succession War had led to a more effective collaboration between House Davion and House Steiner forces then ever before. It will be House Kurita's turn to face this fearsome alliance.

The Draconis Combine had, since the end of the Fourth Secession War, fortified its defences in lieu of what had happened to the Capellan Confederation. 'Mech fodder' units was one method deployed to soften these defences before the real hammer of Federated Commonwealth forces striked. On the outset of the War of 3039, Azman charged for House Davion and the Federated Commonwealth.

Needless to say, 'mech fodder' units were never expected to last long. Azman's unit was wiped out on its very first day of engagement.

Azman would like to think himself lucky. Having survived as a child solider for 6 years in House Liao was more to luck and keeping your head down then to skill. So, when Azman was captured, again, he thought himself lucky. He was still alive... for the moment. "Better that then dead." After the expected ritual that followed - the interrogation, the show of resistance, the abuse, then giving up of information of everything he knew, (which again was very little. Segregation of 'mech fodder' units from regular forces was enforced for this very reason), Azman was given a choice, again. The Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery (DCMS) high command had instructed all captured soldiers of the Federated Commonwealth 'mech fodder' units were to be turned to beef up DCMS own 'mech fodder' units, to prepare for a counter offensive.

Azman's choice was simple. Either join yet another 'mech fodder' unit or face execution - this time, decapitation by katana. Pragmatism was one key thing Azman learnt in the Capellan Confederation. Azman shrugged and changed uniform.

The defensive preparation the Draconis Combine had made for the inevitable Federated Commonwealth invasion proved surprisingly (or unsurprisingly depending on whom you ask) effective. After the initial momentum of Federated Commonwealth forces had worn down, House Kurita began its counter-offensive. Azman charged for House Kurita and the Draconis Combine.

The DCMS counter-offensive was swift and deadly, pushing Federated Commonwealth forces back and regaining territories lost at the outset of the war. Federated Commonwealth leadership quickly assesed the changing situation. Instead of a lightning war they planned, Federated Commonwealth leadership had to acknoledge a grinding war would ensue. And with reports House Marik and House Liao mobilizing along Federated Commonwealth southern borders, House Davion and House Steiner sued for peace. House Kurita accepted. The War of 3039 was over.

Azman having survived through all this, now found himself serving under House Kurita. However because of his former service to House Davion, Azman was shipped instead to the Kurita-Steiner border. There Azman would spend the next 5 years of his life.

Though tensions and sporadic violence did occur in the Kurita-Steiner border, the level and intensity had dropped significantly after the recent war. This was true throughout all the borders of the Inner Sphere. It was as if all the Great Houses were taking a breather, rebuilding and rearming for the next great war.

Azman found himself strangely at home under House Kurita then his two years serving under House Davion. The Draconis Combine talk of personal duty rang to him then the Federated Commonwealth talk of personal freedom. However life as a soldier in 'mech fodder' units was never comfortable. And began to be less and less so. 'Mech fodder' units were never held in any regard by the DCMS. It was considered a shame to many within the DCMS that misfits, outcasts and rejects as 'mech fodder' units were seen, were wearing the DCMS uniform. Now with no imminent escalation on the horizon, stricter segregation of 'mech fodder' units from regular forces was enforced. Living conditions, supplies and support, and general treatment of 'mech fodder' units gradually deteriorated.

After 5 years, fully understanding the situation would not improve and only having House Steiner incursions to look forward to, Azman made a decision.

There will be times when a man has to let go of pride.

One day at camp, Azman saw the commanding general of the local DCMS force passing by. Azman rushed in front of the high ranking officer, went down to his knees, and bowed low, hands to the ground, forehead almost touching the earth. In proper decorum, Azman requested to be discharged from service to House Kurita. Azman was promptly given a beating by the general's aides and the surrounding guards. The general stood wordless, stoically watching on. After the abuse was finally over, the House Kurita general only nodded and instructed his aides to arrange Azman's discharge. Azman lay, half conscious, beaten down, tasting blood, looked up at the open sky and smiled. He was free.

When word of Azman's discharge reached Azman's particular 'mech fodder' unit, everyone in the unit sent their request for discharge en mass. Their requests were granted. The unit which Azman belonged to, his comrades of captured soldiers, pirates, mercenaries, criminals and other low-lucked folk, Azman's unit for the past 5 years was summarily disbanded. Each was given a 'pardon' for "dedicated service to the Combine" and was stripped of uniform.

For Azman, he had one desire. To leave for the black of space. To get far away from the Great Houses. To reach the frontier worlds of the Periphery.

Personality, Personal Views and Sentiments

Disenfranchised can be a word to describe Azman. He, to his heart, believe that all ills of humanity can be traced to the Houses and their 'Great Game.' It is the core reason why Azman left for the Periphery where the influence of the Houses was at best minimal. Life at the frontier worlds proved unmistakeably harsh. Comforts taken for granted in the Inner Sphere were almost non-existent out in the Periphery. Least to say, work was scarce as well. To get by, Azman had to turn to the only work he knew - the job of violence. He joined a band of pirates.

It was here, out in the edges of space, Azman finally became a mech pilot. Azman who, since starting out as a child-soldier of House Liao, had studied religiously anything and everything on mechs, dreamt of but could never pilot one because of his low status. Out in the Periperhy, status did not count for much. And as he pried a dead enemy pirate mech-pilot from the cockpit, he claimed a downed and busted out 25-ton COM-2D Commando as his own. He fought off a few challenges afterwards, but the old worn-out Commando was his. Azman wasn't immediately a good pilot but he persisted and slowly became semi-decent. However the preying on the weak and vulnerable that is the life of periphery pirates did not sit well with Azman. Within a year, in a cold bitter night, Azman in his Commando, left (or ran away from) the pirate band. It was the first time Azman diserted a unit, even if it was a band of pirates. The pain to choose between Duty and Conscience shall be a particular dread Azman holds, knowing this may not be the last time. Hard pressed now, with no c-bills to speak of, desperate for work, Azman had one course to take - to ply the trade of a mercenary. Ironically fighting now for the Houses he so hates.

Even so, Azman has views and sentiments to the different Houses of the Inner Sphere.

To House Liao and House Kurita, Azman grudingly acknowledged, imbued to him the principles he now lived. House Liao and its pragmatic outlook on survival and House Kurita value on Duty and Obligation. Azman has less qualms in fighting for the Capellan Confederation or the Draconis Combine; seeing it as performing a sort of giri as those in House Kurita would put it.

Though not fanatically oppose to the newly formed Federated Commonwealth, Azman has grown a very strong dislike for House Davion and House Steiner.

"At least Liao and Kurita do not hide what they are. House Liao, smallest and weakest, with its 'survive at all costs, ethics and morality be damned' mentality. House Kurita with its draconian adherence to tradition and ancient values, dismissing out of hand anyone who do not hold tradition and values to the core of their being. But House Davion and House Steiner? Ha. Que Sheh Kong Shi Lia! Their fancy talk of nobility and freedom as they expand their borders through force of arms. Their perpetual insistence on being the just and the morally right in every matter. And those who do not agree with their point of view must be evil, to be bombed outright. By the 'Verse. Better to be out in the open black of space then on land ruled by the Federated Commonwealth!"

To House Marik and its Free Worlds League, Azman has no strong feelings for or against. In any situation, Azman always finds himself supporting the 'little guy', the 'underdog', the side with the least odds. Perhaps because of his personal history. That is why Azman fully supports the newly found independence of the Free Rasalhague Republic and the St Ives Compact.

Azman has a dislike for inequality and any show of class distinction. It shows in peculiar ways sometimes in his personality. It may be the reason for his dislike of the mercenary group, Wolf's Dragoons, some of whom he met during his time served along the Liao-Davion, Davion-Kurita, Kurita-Steiner borders. Their aloof, 'We're the best' aura (even if it backed by deeds) represent to Azman this notion of elites in the mercenary trade. "We mercenaries are all the same, when you come down to it. We get paid to kill and get killed. So the idea that some mercenaries are better then others is just plain funny."

This may be the reason why Azman is always uncomfortable whenever he is at Outreach, with its noticeable 'class distinction' culture that exists between the mercenary units there. Azman prefers the periphery world of Antallos to look for work, though he is also rather fond of Galatea where he had his start in the mercenary trade. Azman likes to get a job or two at Solaris VII while he comes to gawk at gladiator mech matches.

By accounts, Azman is a soft spoken person with a pessimistic sense of humour. He prefers to keep a low profile, though he can get riled up and ranting on matters he's passionate about. Azman has always been a soldier whom if given a choice would run rather then fight. It is this attribute he attributes to his longevity. However, Azman has shown during his service to the Capellan Confederation, the Federated Commonwealth and the Draconis Combine, that when cornered, Azman will fight punching and kicking, scratching and biting to deadly effect. Again, if given a choice...

There is a question mark on Azman's loyalty, based on his seemingly fluidity in serving different Houses when fortune turned. However the one wisdom that has been drilled in Azman, and one he holds dear, since his child-soldiering days, is - "You fight for your comrade next to you." Azman leaves the notion of dying for the Great Houses, or dying for some noble cause, to writers and romantics. He will have none of it. You fight for your comrade next to you. That's all. Azman is fiercely loyal to his immediate comrades and his unit. That is why he found himself greatly disturbed when he ran away from the pirate band he, for a short time, belonged to. To go against the ethos of loyalty to your unit, even if it is a matter of conscience.

Azman hates the Great Houses (though in varying degrees). For the 'Great Game' they play at the cost of many countless lives. Sometimes he dreams fire would fall from the sky and strike down all the capital worlds...

Above all, Azman hates himself, for fighting for the Great Houses, for being part of the cycle of death and violence. Even if it is to 'get by'. War is the only world he knows. Sometimes Azman believe hate is the only thing he has. Hate for himself, hate for the Houses, hate for everything. The only respite from his inner self loathing, comes from during the transits from planet to planet, looking for work or contracted for work. The peace that is there, in the in-between of space. Maybe all Azman has, he realised, aside from his hate, are those quiet journeys in the Black.


Fun Fact: Azman's callsign - 'Reptile' is a nick he picked back when he was stationed for months on end in the marches of No Return. :)

Fun Fact: When Azman is alone, and nobody is looking... Azman likes to play with toys, especially toy dinosaurs. :D

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