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The Way Pgi Solves Problems ...

30 August 2014 - 10:05 AM

Gotta love the way PGI's community manager and support team work.

A little while ago the Black Spikes Merc Corps brought up an issue with assigned unit tags. You can check the discussion over here ...

Long story short, Black Spikes Merc Corps and Black Sheep Merc Corps didn't get tags they wanted, Black Sheep got the unit tag Black Spikes wanted (BSMC) and were willing to surrender it if they got the tag they originally wanted (BSM) in return. Black Spikes registered the tag Black Sheep wanted to swap with them and then both teams agreed on swapping between themselves.

Both unit representatives and both unit leaders wrote multiple letters to community manager, mr. Nikolai Lubkiewicz, which he reads and ignores for 4+ days now, making no reply whatsoever. So, both unit leaders wrote tickets to support team, here is one as example ...


Aug 28 05:46
I'm writing you on behalf of the Black Spikes Merc Corps. This ticket is
regarding the dispute for the BSMC tag between Black Sheep Merc Corps and
Black Spikes Merc Corps. The Black Sheep Merc Corps registered the BSMC tag
in the unit pre-registry topic, however, originally they wanted the BSM tag.
Black Spikes wanted the BSMC tag but it was given to Black Sheep. However,
when we brought up the dispute on
indpost__p__3671549) , Black Sheep unit leader, Splitpin, agreed to
surrender the BSMC tag provided they get BSM tag in
http://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/169077-unique-unit-tags/t__p__3671978 ). For that purpose one of the members of our unit was asked
to register the BSM tag so that no other unit takes it. Both teams are now
willing to exchange tags. We have already made posts on forum and wrote
personal messages to the community manager (Lubkiewicz), however, there is
no reply from him for more than two days. Black Sheep unit leader also wrote
personal message to him and also had no response. We hope that this ticket
will help both teams resolve the issue and aquire tags they want.

Black Spikes Merc Corp unit leader, skatenok.

And here is what they got as a response ...


From: Vox Potentiae [mailto:support@mwomercs.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2014 5:43 PM
To: Staritsyn Ilya
Subject: [MechWarrior® Online™] Re: This ticket is regarding the dispute for the BSMC tag

# Please type your reply above this line #
Your request (#134362) has been updated. To respond, simply reply to this email as you would any other email. Any relevant files can be attached as a normal attachment.
Vox Potentiae
Aug 28 09:42
Vox Potentiae
MechWarrior® Online™

In case you didn't quite get it let me stress the informative part of the support team response ...



Yep, thats it. Really helpful isn't it? Here is the "informative part" of the response the Black Sheep unit leader got...



And you wonder why so many people hate PGI? In a normal company if a person working in support would have made an answer like that he'd be fired the next day. Same goes for community manager, who obviousely just ignores his resposibilities. Is this the way things work now in PGI?

Clan Weapons Bugged

04 August 2014 - 09:01 AM

Clan lasers are fkn BS. 80-90% of their full damage is applied at the very first moment of contact. When a mere scratch by 4 lasers takes both legs that are yellow structure off a light from 800m this is called ret@rded. The 1.3-1.5 seconds duration is lies, any possible crit chances on lasers is also BS. Same goes for clan ACs, the full damage is applied each time the first slug hits the target regardless of if the remaining slugs hit or not. I suppose its called PGI-burst-fire?

Before trying to balance anything fix the goddamn weapons so that they actually do what they are supposed to do, and don't BS people with stories about how clan weapons are balanced by burst fire and longer impulse durations.

Ammo Explosion

27 May 2014 - 02:28 PM

Atlas DDC, ammo explosion in right torso with 2 LBXs inside. Both right arm and right leg intact with armor still on them. I'd really like to know if LBXs are exploding like Gauss now and if that was a stealth fix that didn't get into patch notes.

Hit Detection Since Server Migration...

12 April 2014 - 10:17 AM

... is simply terrible. I am used to poor hit detection, but ever since the 'data migration' downtime its just impossible. How can reliable hit detection not be a priority in your 'to do' list PGI, I have no bloody idea.

So I've Re-Read The Coc ...

28 March 2014 - 06:35 AM

I've come across one of those 'I quit the game because...' topics the other day and suddenly noticed a reply saying that these kinds of topics are against the forums CoC.

So, I go check the CoC and indeed ...


Posting Farewells, e.g. "I Quit", "I'm Done", "Leaving" etc.

While in the same section ...


The forums are an essential service for receiving player feedback. Each player's individual feedback is important to us

Really? No I mean, really? What are these if not feedback in its purest form?

If you care about publicity so much then why don't you fix the game and make it fun so that people won't leave it? Or why don't you stop selling 500$ virtual items that aren't out of development yet?

Last I checked both Canada and USA (or wherever your servers are) do declare freedom of speech as one of the key principles their society stands on.

So, as long as topics of such nature do not in any way insult any particular individuals or otherwise go against the laws of countries hosting forum servers, I and everyone else have a right to post whatever else we goddamn want.

Have a good day everyone.