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    This MechWarrior’s Atlas was one of the very first off the production line in 2755. Rumored to be named by Aleksandr Kerensky himself as Death's Head, a nickname all Atlases share to this day. The Atlas was tasked with the defense of the city Washington, DC, and nearby research facilities. This city was once the capital of a country that no longer exists.

    During the early part of the Amaris Civil War it was actually used in support of the Usurper. It was thought destroyed in the early part of 2778 while on patrol. When a group of North American partisans attacked and wiped out that patrol. It made a surprise appearance on July 9, 2779, along with two partisan lances. They attacked the rear of Republican forces holding the northern shore of the Columbia River. This flanking attack allowed parts of the 135th Royal BattleMech Division to advance and capture a key location across the river. It then participated in the battle for, and capture of Unity City. Kerensky asked, the untrained but naturally talented partisan, who piloted the Death's Head to come with him on the final assault on the Imperial Palace. The pilot named Oliver, accepted the invitation and distinguished himself by disabling 2 enemy mechs and silencing 3 pillboxes. As a reward for his service Kerensky made him an honorary member of the SLDF and gifted the mech to him, it has belonged to his family ever since.

    Sometime in early 2784 Oliver and his family were invited to go along with Operation Exodus but chose to stay behind and defend Terra. It returned to the duty it was first assigned. In 2787 because of the honors it won, Jerome Blake declared that Oliver and his family are to remain in possession of the mech in perpetuity. In 2855 The Smithsonian Institute asked the family if they would loan the Atlas to them for a museum exhibit. A 100 year lease agreement was signed and it is there that Death's Head spent the next century. It was at this time, that researchers confirmed, it is actually the third Atlas ever manufactured. A year before the lease ended in 2955 the family had the mech covertly moved off world, this was aided by unknown conspirators. It was done because ComStar refused to allow a mech to be own and piloted by someone not a member of that organization. Regardless of the fact that Blessed Founder had exempted them from that ruling.

    The location of the mech has been unknown ever since despite an exhaustive search. It was rumored to have participated in several battles over the last 100 year or so. These reports could not be confirmed as more than a few of these action occurred at about the same time and many light years apart. Just recently it has been confirmed participating in several battles with the mercenary unit Comstar Irregulars. Piloted by a mysterious MechWarrior named Mao of DC.

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