Huge sightlines, sporadic cover, mountainous terrain, massive communication towers atop hills, huge fields of snow to cruise through, and amazing sights of the sun behind the mountains, Alpine Peaks offers all of these sights, sounds and more! Come see the planet MercMagazine called 'Cold as hell, but pretty, and damn is it huge!' Stretch your Mech limbs before you make the trek from one side to the other, as there are many possible fantastic attack points both to your left, right, above, and below. High vantage points can be used to facilitate long range engagements, and defensive lines can be set up in a wide variety of pleasant-looking areas. All of this - and more! - is waiting for you... in Alpine Peaks!


Noble Ruler: Countess Tula Severs
Star Type (Recharge Time): F4V, yellow-white (175 Hours)
Position in System: 5
Time to Jump Point: 16.10 days
Number of Satellites: 3 (Jepto, Jepta)
Surface Gravity: 1.2
Atm. Pressure: Thin (Breathable)
Ambient Temperature: -18° C (Arctic)
Surface Water: 61 percent
Recharging Station: Nadir
HPG Class Type: B
Highest Native Life: None
Population: 1029333001
Socio-Industrial Levels: B-C-C-C-B