Game Modes

MechWarrior Online is comprised of two distinct game types: Quick Play and Faction Play. Quick Play is currently comprised of three game modes: Conquest, Assault, and Skirmish. Faction Play is currently comprised of two game modes: Invasion and Counter Attack. While simply destroying the enemy team is always a viable option, teams that leverage the full depth of role warfare can utilize their specializations to secure other victory conditions specific to certain game modes.

Conquest (Quick Play)

  • Be the first to collect 750 resource points (or)
  • Possess the most resource points when the timer expires (or)
  • Destroy the opposing team

In the Conquest game mode players capture and control resource collectors scattered around the map in an effort to gather the most amount of resources. Each resource collector under your control will provide your team with one resource point per second; the more collectors controlled the quicker resources are gathered. The first team to either reach the maximum of 750 resource points or finish with the most resources wins the match. Annihilating the enemy will also lead you to victory, but don't neglect the resource points! Victory through annihilation can be snatched from your grasp in the closing moments if the opposing team racks up more resource points. Scouts will want to work to quickly capture resource collectors while the larger 'Mechs muscle their way onto those held by the enemy.

Assault (Quick Play)

  • Capture the enemy base (or)
  • Destroy the opposing team

The Assault game mode challenges each team to capture the enemy base while simultaneously protecting their own. Teams looking to win by capturing the enemy base will want to divide their forces into two or more distinct groups. Leaving a well armed force at your base will provide defense from probing attacks and create a convincing front line to draw the enemy's attention. While the enemy looks to break the defensive line a highly mobile group utilizing stealth tactics will have a window to swiftly capture their objective. Mixing and matching of complementary teammate roles, feinting tactics, and effective team communication are the keys to tactically winning an Assault match.

Skirmish (Quick Play)

  • Destroy the opposing team

Sometimes, the mission given to commanders is simply the complete and utter destruction of the opposing force. Without the distraction of side objectives, 'Mechs must use their unique abilities to assist in nothing more than the elimination of enemy forces. Scouts and Support 'Mechs may shift their attention toward locating enemy forces or whittling them down at long range, while Brawler and Assault units may focus their immense firepower with their teammates to crush the enemy frontline and scatter their ranks.

Invasion (Faction Play)

  • Attackers must destroy the defender's Space Defense System
  • Defenders must protect the SDS until the timer expires
  • Either team may destroy the opposing team to secure a victory

The Invasion game mode represents the initial moments of a planetary invasion, where invaders look to cripple orbital defenses in advance of their full invasion force. To accomplish this objective the attackers will first need to penetrate the base's massive blast doors. Built by the ancient Star League specifically to keep 'Mechs at bay, the doors can only be forced open by destroying the nearby generators that power them.

Once beyond the gates the attackers must destroy the three generators within the base that power the Space Defense System's massive Naval Gauss Cannon. When the three generators have been destroyed the backup power system in the SDS gun goes online to maintain full operation, opening its blast doors to vent the excess heat at the cost of leaving it vulnerable to direct attack. Upon destroying the SDS gun's power system the attackers have achieved victory, and will be able to continue the invasion unimpeded.

Invasion Counter Attack (Faction Play)

  • Attackers must eliminate the defending team and their mobile field base
  • Defenders must survive until the timer expires or eliminate the opposing team

In the Invasion Counter Attack game mode the planet's previous defenders must now go on the offensive as the attacking team to try and retake their base and the SDS located within. The attacking team will attempt to kill every last invader and destroy the temporary command center established by the defenders to coordinate the invasion. Once back in control of the SDS the defenders will again be able to repel the incoming invaders DropShips in orbit.

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