With rumors of hostile activity on the Periphery of the InnerSphere, all of the Great Factions have been purchasing large quantities of Germanium. Germanium is a very rare element used in Jump Ships that travel through the InnerSphere.In Conquest, players will vie over Germanium resource collectors. These mobile mining units refine Germanium for the team that controls them. The more units under a team’s control, the faster that team will be gathering resources.


There are 5 resource collectors on each map. There is one (already captured) resource collector in each team’s start location. The three other collectors are spread evenly throughout the rest of the map.


Next are the new operational HUD elements for this game mode. At the top of the screen, you will see the ownership of all 5 resource collectors.Two of the resource collectors will have filled colored bars (because they’re already owned), and three of them will be neutral. Each resource collector location is named for ease of communication to your teammates. Just above those on either side of the mission timer, is the number of resources that have been collected by your team and the enemy team.The direction to get to a resource locator is also marked on the HUD compass.


When you enter the capture zone of a resource collector the appropriate resource collector bar will start to flash the color of the capturing team (Indicator 4 on screenshot, blue is always friendly). A callout will also tell you and your teammates that there is a "Friendly Cap In Progress".


CAPTURE COMPLETEYou can tell when your team has taken ownership of a resource collector when the name of it turns blue and you can see some blue fill on the left side of neutral for that location. You do NOT have to fill the bar completely to gain ownership, but because all resource collectors can be RE-CAPTURED, the more full it is to your team’s side, the longer it will take the enemy to claim it as theirs.The resource locator on the mini-map/Battle Grid will also turn blue if your team owns it.


HIGH COMMAND TIPIf you can, always make sure you fill your capture to 100% on your side. If enemies try to retake a control point, the extra effort you put in will buy you time to destroy/chase off the enemy Mech(s) that are trying to capture.


If an enemy starts to capture a resource collector the HUD bar associated with the appropriate location will start to flash red. As with Assault mode, to stop the enemy from capturing you can simply enter the capture zone yourself. As with Assault mode, the more friendly Mechs you have on a capture zone, the faster the capture will occur.


If your team approaches the maximum amount of resources (750), you will be notified that your team is about to win. The same applies if the enemy is about to win as they approach the 750 max score. The first team to 750 resources collected wins. A team can also win by destroying all enemy Mechs.Win or Lose, any resources collected by a team are multiplied by 25 and players are rewarded that amount in C-Bills. (Germanium is paid out - win or lose).If two teams play out via resource collection, and one team has 750 resources and the other has 480 resources, the first team earns 18,750 C-Bills and the second earns 12,000 C-Bills.Plan your strategies now and see how much you can earn while playing Conquest!


HIGH COMMAND TIPTry to get to one of the outlier resource collectors as fast as your team can. Once captured, try to hold both it and the one at your spawn location for the duration of the mission. Assault Mechs are prime candidates for protecting the defensive line between the two controlled points while the scouts/brawlers try to gain ground on the rest of the locations.