MWO Comp Scene Sale

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Mar 24, 2017 5:00 PM UTC 131  comments
Starts: March 24th 1 PM PST ( 8 PM UTC)
Ends: March 28th 10 AM PST ( 5 PM UTC)

MWO Competitive Scene Sale!
35% off the MC and C-Bill price of select Mechs for the comp Scene!
35% off the MC Price of Letter and Number Decals. Display your unit name with pride!
35% off the MC Price of 7 and 30 Day Premium Time to unlock key Private
Match options!

Select Mechs Include!
Marauder IIC, Stalker, Battlemaster, Warhawk, Hunchback-IIC, Night Gyr, Kodiak, 
Arctic Cheetah, Jenner IIC, Nova, Huntsman, Timberwolf, Spider, Locust, Griffin, and Grasshopper!

Don't forget to Sign up for your Favourite Leagues!

and keep and eye open for these other Leagues!

RHOD 4v4, CWX 1v1, TrainsyTv 2v2, Star League 6v6, 
NBT 8v8, Battle For Midway 4v4, MWA 1v1

Visit the community page for the latest Comp Scene news.
If you have a Competitive League and want to be featured


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