Join us Dec 9th for Mech_Con 2017

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, May 12, 2017 5:00 AM UTC 38  comments

Mech Con 2017 details begin to emerge!

We wanted to keep you up to date on Mech_Con 2017 News.
Check out the first details here, buy your tickets, and book your hotel!


Here are some fun facts from the Mech_Con Survey we did!
1952 Survey Responses
243 of the survey participants attended Mech_con 2016
763 people plan to attend Mech_Con 2017! - (better buy tickets soon)

Everyone's favorite element of Mech_Con 2016?
#1 - MechWarrior Online World Championships Finals! 
#2 - The Presentations! ( and the MW5 Reveal)
#3 - Meeting fellow MechWarrior and BattleTech fans as well as the Devs!

Where are People Traveling from?
#1 North America
#2 Europe
#3 Australia
#4 I'm Local! (Van BC)
looks like we will have people coming from all over the globe including:
Asia, South America, and Africa!
Mech_Con is truly a Global Event!

Overwhelmingly people wanted the event on the weekend.
Dec 9th is a Saturday.
and those who can't attend can watch and engage us on Twitch!

We have all your suggestions and are working to make this year's Mech_Con worth
Traveling, Watching, and Staying up all night for!
More Engagement, More Fun, More Fans, More Hype, More Everything!

and yes we will fix the music on the stream :)


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