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Mech Buyer's Guide To Dragons

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#1 Valder


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Posted 13 March 2013 - 04:02 PM

Just finished my next Mech Buyer's Guide article, this time on Dragons. Check it out if interested, and feel free to leave feedback.

#2 Yanoshiku


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Posted 14 March 2013 - 01:23 AM

Just finnished reading it and its probably best Dragon guide ever made.
It says everything that is needed to be said.

Dragons tend to be really difficult for newbies so I never recomend them as first mech, but more experienced players can find him deadly. I drive them since closed beta and I always have better results in my 1C than any phract.

Cheers :(

#3 One Medic Army


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Posted 14 March 2013 - 01:55 AM

Looks good, worth mentioning that the torso energy hardpoints (and the Flame's ballistic) are in a very nice position, high up and relatively close to centerline.
A good place to put PPCs (or any high burst dmg ballistic on the Flame).

#4 Velliann


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Posted 14 March 2013 - 01:56 AM

I just wanted to post here that you were the one that brings me to Dragons with an old post on the triple AC2 5N.
Thanks fort this new great post wich may brings new Dragons wich we enjoy to team with.

That being said i've been praticing Dragons a lot and I've 2 things I do disagree with :

-Mounting an engine lower than a 340XL isn't the way for me to fit a Dragon.
You told it in your guide, the Dragon can be see as a big Hunchback. I think it's wrong, to my opinion, the Hunchback is a small Heavy that can be fast. I think you should better get in that hunchback if you plan to make your Dragon a big Hunchi. And if you plan to go around 80-90, get a Cata (phract or pult) who run maybe a bit under 80.

The Dragon is the only Heavy mech that can totally dictate the combat range, if it goes above 100km/h (except against lights must say but some are dumb enought).
It seems to me that the agility is far better when you get over 100km/h, i've long thought it was something with my mind but i've made so many tests that i'm ready to state that under this speed you can't turn sharp edge without lowering speed werheas at 107 (106.9) i can take any turn even in cities without lowering my speed (try it, i even feel the difference between the 340XL at 101km/h and the 360XL 106.9km/h)

-So with the Dragon going fast enough to dictate range, you don't want to be caught under 200m so you don't want to bring SRMs.

I gave a try to LRMs insteed and it works way better to my opinion. My average engaging range is between 300 and 200 meters so when i reach 180m (the LRMs minimum range) i know i'm not where i have to be. I uses them a little at the beginnig but i keep my fire for direct fire with them. The fact that your target will get the "incoming missiles" warning all the time you engage them brings as efficiency as the dommage it deal (wich is low i have to be honest).
LRMs are also usefull to bring the ennemies attention on you when flanking them to brings troubles in the ennemi pack, works less than the "base is being captured" but you can do it to brings targets out of the pack where you want.

Again i don't want to tell that your guide is ****, it is filled with basic and advanced tricks wich are really the one we need to get to run Dragons efficiently. I've posted my thoughs in a long form to try to seems as smart as your guide is :( and because i'm wanted to discuss this point with you either you agree or not.

*Troll mode On* DRG-1N is **** and you must fell bad to even try to get a fit out of this super consensual mech, it makes me feel like listening to those awfull mainstream music wich is made to please everyone but wich is listened by people without taste (good or bad taste). *Troll mode off*

Please forgive my english.

#5 John MatriX82


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Posted 14 March 2013 - 02:45 AM

View PostValder, on 13 March 2013 - 04:02 PM, said:

Just finished my next Mech Buyer's Guide article, this time on Dragons. Check it out if interested, and feel free to leave feedback.

Nice guide, I agree with it mostly, I tend to advice to never go below 300 rated engines. I use 300 on 1C (it's the one that needs the highest firepower and I run it since CB as you advice) but I keep similar loadouts also for the other two, with the 5N being virtually useless at it (I sold it).

The only way I employed the 5N was with 2 MPLAs, GR+3tons, SRM4+1Ton, XL 350, endo,ff, 10DHS, 36 of armor in legs and LA. Besides speed, 1N and 1C imho are far superior and I don't really like it as a Dakka platform, the only AC I like is the 20, everything below this or the GR feels like shooting peas to me :wub:.

The 1N is my striker, instead of going around with streaks (that are useless whenever you run into anything with ECM) I find myself more confortable with dual SRM4s, GR and 2 MLas when I run slightly larger engines (310-320) or MPLAS with xl 300. Dual SRM4's are usually a death sentence to lights and for anything bigger during hit-and-run tactics.

I know many advice to run even bigger engines (350 as you say) but then the lack of firepower bothers me and I don't like to leave unused hardpoints :D.. I tend to 1vs1 versus everything, Atlases too, and I prefer firepower vs somewhat limited mobility.

I think the guide would be even better if you are going to include also FLAME and FANG :(

#6 Karpundir


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Posted 28 March 2013 - 10:59 PM

I love me a nice Dragon... the 1C to be exact. It dishes out the pain at quick speeds and is often lower on target priority, leaving it unharassed until you have already racked up a few hundred points of damage.

I'll be posting the next guide in our series on CATAPHRACTS in the morning within this sub-forum. Stay tuned...

#7 Sh4dow78


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Posted 29 March 2013 - 02:40 AM

Well i love my 1C with 2xerppc in torso, and 2xml in arm. What u see u can shoot. He uses 320XL = 95kph with speed tweak and as much DHS as u can put in. U can shoot 6 times wit dual erppc before u shoot down so is quite nice (not on caustic or desert :) )

second one i like is FLAME with 4xML and a gauss powered by 340XL=101kp/h fast backstabber :D pretty beast. Many times ignored in a match bcoz iam "only" a dragon :) but then things happend and ppl die fast :o

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