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What Trebuchet Next?

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#1 Jabilo


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Posted 12 April 2013 - 11:18 AM

I recently bought a Trebuchet 3C.

Currently I am running an XL320, 2 x SRM 6 and 4 x ML.

I only bought it to get the XL300 engine for my Jenner, but I am having such a blast I want to get 2 more variants and master it!

Any idea what variant to get next? I would like a good competitive variant, and also something that can perhaps try a different play style to the 3C.

Any Treb fans with their favourite builds?

#2 Tremendous Upside


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Posted 12 April 2013 - 11:49 AM

If you like that build, you'll love the 7M. I run mine with 3MLs, 2SRM6, 1SRM2 on an XL320 with 336 armor and 3 jump jets. Even with the missile nerfs, it wrecks stuff. The 5J is also a lot of fun and is a great platform to build as a poptart/PPC sniper. I use 2 ERPPCs on mine. Not a ton of firepower to work with - but between the massive range and speed/maneuverability, it's still very effective.

#3 Jabilo


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Posted 12 April 2013 - 12:14 PM

Thanks, sounds fun.

Only bad thing about the 7M is it's pretty expensive and I can not think of a good use for the XL250 it comes with.

#4 One Medic Army


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Posted 12 April 2013 - 02:33 PM

7M and 5J are the other two good ones.
They both have jumpjets and the 5 arm lasers on the 5J can be very nice if you have good aim.

You can use the 250XL for a 4x Cataphract or a spider (or another 30ton light if they make one, or a 20-25ton light if they relax the speed cap)

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#5 Xenon Codex


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Posted 12 April 2013 - 07:30 PM

I don't much care for my 7M, never found a good use for the missile slots. However, I love lazers and the 5J is great with jump jets. I also love my 3C, but with an XL380 for MOAR speed!

The 7K. Ballistics on a high speed medium just seems wrong. But with HSR being implemented soon it might be the cat's meow. MEOW!

Don't think you can go terribly wrong with any variant, buy them all?

#6 TheWayfarer


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Posted 13 April 2013 - 06:09 PM

I can recommend the 7M. Running mine with 3x MPLs, 3x SSRM2, DHS, Endo Steel, 4 JJ and 300 XL engine. My WLR skyrocked with this mech to 1,5 in ~80 games with 2,4 KDR.

As for playstyle you will have some nice varieties:
- Run to the enemy base with 1-2 light mechs and kill everything that goes defending
- Flank opponents or sneak up and get their LRM / PPC boats
- Hunt light mechs (and beg you won't run into a ECM Raven)

Although you won't have long rage weapons, the 7M is very agile and has JJ, which makes it very easy to sneak behind enemy lines and escape dangerous situations.

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#7 Peekaboom


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Posted 22 April 2013 - 11:43 AM

I really enjoy my Treb's, doubly so after getting a 300XL (didn't buy the 3C originally) and speed tweak.

300XL (97 / 107 kph!)
2 SRM-4 w/ Artemis (2 tons ammo)
2 ML
+4 DHS
304 Armor
3 Jump Jets

Super versitile mech that can hold its own as a close range skirmisher and lay down some fire with the ER PPC as it closes range. The speed is tremendous for outmeanuvering things, and 3 jump jets is enough to work in most situations.

5N Variation
Same as above except...
- No Jump Jets
- Add 1 more Medium Laser
- Add 0.5 ton armor.

#8 Zoghak


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Posted 22 April 2013 - 12:21 PM

i really like the 7k. er ppc+gauss=profit :D

#9 Zordicron


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Posted 22 April 2013 - 03:17 PM

I bought the one jump jet one with MC when it was on sale from a trial sale a while ago.
I did one ERPPC, one Large laser, and filled the missiles with SSRM2. Not as fast as some, i think like 83k before tweak, but JJ make a big difference. No need to engage in close combat with PPC and LL, and if you do, you can bull rush them at full speed, unload a PPC and LL into them, and when they turn to you, Jump over them, launch streaks and turn so you face them again and fire off another PPC or LL at them. I like the LL instead of 2 PPC because of the 2 tons for one, but also the LL is a lot easier to peg lights with, especially if you get into a circle/jumpjet dance with them.

I want to buy 2 more so I can elite the mech, but the other dont have jump jets(I think) so I have been slow on the trigger to pony up for one. (c-bills only now, till they fix this stupid radar/HUD bug)

#10 Lege


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Posted 22 April 2013 - 06:07 PM

I got the 7M and the 5N besides the 3C. 7M is my favorite, but my kdr is best in the 3C. 5J looks ok too, if you want a lot of energy and jump jets.

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