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Patch Notes - 1.2.219 - 07-May-2013

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Posted 07 May 2013 - 08:24 AM

Open Beta Update #16

Upcoming Patch - Tuesday May 7th @ 10AM – 1PM PDT

Patch Number: 1.2.219

Change Log


Greetings, MechWarriors

May is going to be a great month. I can feel it! Let's start by going over the content of this patch!

The Stalker Hero 'Mech "Misery" sure does live up to its name, with a paint job that reflects its war torn soul and the hard points to cause plenty of misery on the battlefield.
Just check out this trailer to see what I mean!

A new Trial 'Mech Champion! The Jenner JR7-F(C). This is a legendary developer build that has been tearing through Atlas armour since closed Beta. Give it a spin and prepare to be tempted to purchase this Champion 'Mech on May 21st.

After making you wait long enough, you can now change the colours on your Hero 'Mech. We can't wait to see what kind of colour combinations you guys create.

We have a real treat for you, the Buccaneer custom pattern! I asked Alex (Flying Debris) what his inspiration was and this is what he said. I was imagining "Some crazy, bearded, malnourished man with missing teeth going to work with a paint roller in the 'Mech hanger while indulging in questionable substances. This mech painting bender happened after the force he was attached to made off with thirty tons of potatoes, women's shoes, and stereo equipment,from the last backwater planet they raided". Ok Alex. I am just going to back away slowly now. Plenty of hidden messages in this cool custom pattern can you spot them all?

New 'Mech statue Cockpit items added to round out the customization.

We have some good improvements and fixes as well, to clean up functionality and stability.

You should also be aware we are working hard to address the HUD issues and are getting closer to a solution.

See you on the battlefield,

Matt Newman


New Hero Mech

“Misery” STK-M

- Stalker STK-M
- Tonnage: 85
- Engine: 255 Top Speed: 48.6 kph
- Max Engine Rating: 310
- Torso Movement:
- 65 degrees to each side
- 20 degrees up and down
- Arm Movement:
- 0 degrees to each side
- 30 degrees up and down
- Armor: 496 (Standard)
- Weapons & Equipment:
- Left Arm: 2 Medium Lasers
- Left Torso: Gauss Rifle
- Center Torso: Large Laser
- Right Torso: SRM 6
- Right Arm: 2 Medium Lasers
- Internal Structure: Standard
- Hardpoints:
- Left Arm: 2 Energy
- Left Torso: 1 Ballistic
- Center Torso: 1 Energy
- Right Torso: 1 Missile, 1 AMS
- Right Arm: 2 Energy
- Heat Sinks: 21 Single
- Jump Jets: n/a
- ECM Capable?: No
- Module Slots: 1
- 30% C-Bill Bonus
- Quirks:
- 10% increase in turning rate
- 10% increase in acceleration

New Trial Champion Mech

Jenner JR7-F(C)

- Tonnage: 35
- Engine: 300 XL Top Speed: 138.86 kph
- Max Engine Rating: 300
- Torso Movement:
- 120 degrees to each side
- 20 degrees up and down
- Arm Movement:
- 0 degrees to each side
- 30 degrees up and down
- Armor: 238 (Ferro-Fibrous)
- Weapons & Equipment:
- Left Arm: 3 Medium Lasers
- Left Torso: Jump Jet
- Right Torso: Jump Jet
- Right Arm: 3 Small Lasers
- Internal Structure: Endo-Steel
- Hardpoints:
- Left Arm: 3 Energy
- Right Torso: 1 AMS
- Right Arm: 3 Energy
- Heat Sinks: 15 Double
- Jump Jets: 2 Max: 5
- ECM Capable?: No
- Module Slots: 1

New Trial Mechs

- Jenner JR7-F(C).
- Hunchback HBK-4G.
- JagerMech JM6-S.
- Highlander HGN-732.

New Cockpit items:

- Dragon statue.
- Awesome statue.
- Cicada statue.

New Premium Skin:

- Buccaneer Skin.

Air Strike Improvements:

- There is now a plane that flies over the sky when an Air Strike is called.


- Players can now change the colours on their Hero Mechs.
- Players can reset the colours of their Hero Mechs using the colour channel selection.

Front End

- Fixed friends list size limitation.
- Better incoming message notification.
- Improved message context sensitivity.
- Chat Color coding/User identification.
- Decoupled Anti-Aliasing from System Spec option.
- Implemented brightness/Gama option.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where users were being disconnected during game.
- Fix for possible soft lock users experienced while playing a match.
- Fixed a crash that some users experienced when the end of round screen timer ran out and they were kicked back to the Mech Lab.
- Fix multiple control rebind issues.
- Fix for 'Mechs losing the ~1km/h with speed tweak.
- Fixed a black screen bug that could happen to users after the loading screen.

Known Issues

- HUD issues.
- We will be pushing a hot fix for this issue as soon as it is addressed.

We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

The MechWarrior® Online™ Team

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