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Ticketed Match Composition System

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#1 Sugomi


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Posted 06 July 2013 - 03:56 PM

I suggest a ticket based system for weight allowance per match. Deploying from the mechbay would cost X amount of tickets per weight bracket, and would be replenished by time (slow) or match play (instant).

For example, I start the day with 100 tickets. I take an assault into a game, which costs, oh, 70 tickets, leaving me with 30 tickets. For playing I get 20 tickets, now I have 50 tickets to spend on deploying a mech. I can’t deploy an assault again, but a medium or a light is no problem.

Tickets should ideally be capped at certain number. One could build a surplus which bleeds off to equilibrium quickly (perhaps allowing player to squeeze in an extra assault game occasionally). The player should be allowed to go into negative for a time, but community warfare bonuses and or xp/cbill earnings would be penalized/nullified. Server snapshots can adjust player pool by providing bonuses/penalties to weight classes in case a glut/dearth of a specific bracket is noticed.

Deviant players who send a light mech in (low ticket cost) and quit match (for instant ticket returns) can be discouraged by not allowing point gain until match end, much like we have in place for chassis use.

The goal of all of this is of course to incentivize players into fulfilling an ideal ratio of weight classes per team, e.g. for a 12 player team 2 assaults, 3 heavies, 5 mediums, 2 lights. A global adjustment of the ratio at bi-weekly/monthly intervals would further create a dynamic play environment.

For competitive 12 man matches I simply suggest a daily rotation of class slots.

Thoughts? Has this been suggested already?

#2 BIix


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Posted 07 July 2013 - 02:33 PM

I would prefer for any incentive to run one chassis over another be inherent to the gameplay. Not just a tacked on extraneous limitation to work around and 'game'.

So, no.

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