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House Steiner Introductions/Check-In

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#1 Moku


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Posted 10 November 2011 - 11:52 AM

Here is a House Steiner introduction thread since there isn't a clear one posted yet. If you don't like writing a few sentences for a short or long introduction, your group affiliations, MW/BT related game background, or other interests then you can just fill in the following fields quickly.

Other Interests:



#2 Alistair Steiner


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Posted 10 November 2011 - 12:20 PM

Yeah, why not.

Name: Alistair Steiner
Group: Skye Rangers (4th, officially, but whatever ends up happening)
Background: Started with MW3, played Pirate's Moon, though both were owned by my friend, so play-time was limited. Owned MW4 and Black Knight, and recently found MW4: Mercs for the free download. I can spend all day just drooling over the new MechLab. Also playing MWLL right now, to keep myself sane as the clock for this counts down. Oh, also played MechCommander 2 (also my friend's) and both MA's, though I think we aren't supposed to talk about them.
Other Interests: Mostly Sci-fi, when well done. Rediscovered Megas XLR recently, so that's been fun.

#3 DFDelta


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Posted 10 November 2011 - 12:44 PM

Pilot Name: Daniel "Delta" Ferel, usually just DFDelta
Group: Online play: None affiliated | RP and TT-lance: 6th Donegal Guards
Background: Started playing the BT TT as a child, due to both my parents playing. Played crescent hawk's inception on my dads amiga, and MW2, MW2:Mercs, MW3, MW4, MC1 and MC2 on PC when they were released. Currently I'm playing MW:LL with about 10 hours/week and MegaMek every now and then to prevent my TT experience from rusting.
Other Interests: I also have a collection of Warhammer stuff (no 40k stuff), and lots of Schwarze Auge (Realms of Arcania) rulebooks. Other computer/video games that I spend a lot of time with are the Touhou games, Dwarf Fortress, Aurora 4x on PC, and Demon/Dark Souls on the PS3.

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#4 Kyll Long


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Posted 10 November 2011 - 01:34 PM

Name: Kyll Long
Group: Rabs best friend :)
Background :Running covert operations against House Steiner since 1993
Other Interests: Running covert operations against House's Davion and Marik :D

and still glad to see everyone coming back. Did I miss Rab?

#5 Steadfast


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Posted 10 November 2011 - 01:39 PM

Name: Daniel, in game Callsign Steadfast
Group: was Royal Guard, I think I remember the 1st RG, not sure though, darn brain.
Background: Played back than the boardgame, than MW2+ ended in MPBT 3025 with the Steinergroup, fell into a big hole (BT-wise) after cancelation, dabbeled a bit in various MW4 lkeagues with my fellow Lyrans and am now awaiting reenlistment.
Other Interests: WoW, WoT, fine art of reading Books (Dooh!) WHF + WH 40K, manly drinking cold beverages.
To Steiner

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#6 ThaWalk


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Posted 10 November 2011 - 03:03 PM

Name: Vic "ThaWalk" Walker

Group: 19AG

Background: First mech game I played was Earthsiege way back when I was 5 or 6. I've been hooked ever since. I bounced around some groups in mw4 and finally landed at the 19AG.

Other Interests: I play Mechwarrior living legends some. Mostly on my xbox now though playing CoD MW3, GOW3 and Halo

#7 Marcus Xander


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Posted 10 November 2011 - 03:27 PM

Name: Callsign: Lt. Col Lillyhammer (Ret)
Group:Winfield's Brigade, 10th SR, 8AG, a few more, bit its been a long time
Background: MW2, 3, 4, Solaris, 3025, plus a dabble in TT
Other Interests: Possibly interested in coming out of retirement.

Moku, is very good to see you hear. I wonder who else will make if back from the Good Old Days

#8 Dozer


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Posted 11 November 2011 - 05:46 AM

Name: Mark Briggs, Callsign Dozer
Group: Unaffiliated, retired.
Background: Too old to remember playing, too young not to want to play some more. I like my mechs dirty, dented and deadly... just like myself.
Other Interests: Drinking, smoking and wenching... err...

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#9 col hengist


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Posted 11 November 2011 - 07:58 AM

Name: Hengist Helgason,Colonel( ret)
Group: The Old Colonel had an good career with the 6th Donegal Guards.He was originally assigned a Falcon in the year 3026.He later upgraded to a battlemeaster which he defeated and took as salvage. His father,coming into a large sum of money right about that time, refurbished the Battlemaster and set him on his way to becoming a social general. By the end of the 4th SW he was the captain of his company( being the only officer left after they hit a Marik world). He never looked back after that.
The Colonel was always always there for every one.Whether it was to help plan the many parties and social occasions that were always happening,or to help his fellow soldier choose the correct color of blue for his dress uniform. Why, Col.Hengist was the very model of a modern social general. He could dazzle the local planetary Baron's wife with dancing and small talk then befriend the Baron himself with talk of hunting and fine brandies. The man never missed a party...seriously...He had a way of sniffing them out,even if it was in the barracks.
Sadly to say, he had to retire.After the failed attempt of the experiment of merging the beastly FedSuns with His glorious Lyran state and the resulting war( didn't any one else see that coming? )He retired. He did come out of retirement for a time when those uncouth Word of Blake fellows caused all their ruccus.He was visiting Norse Storm industries at the time, and marvelling at the new technology that was being put into a very nice Lyran style of mech( the night star) when he heard about their attacks, He prombtly commondeered( as is the right of all social generals, **** the real owners...don't they know who i am? ) the experimental night star, jumped a dropship and headed to Tharkad.
He helped that nice Adam Steiner fellow, whom he remembered from a cartoon, to take back the planet then retired again. He has since left the commandeered Nightstar to his son, Capt. Anslo Hengistson who pilots it in the service of the 7th Donegal guard( the 6th being destroyed in the Jihad). So far all attempts by Norse Storm to take the Night Star back have failed.

Background: Mostly tt.I have played MW1-4 but rarely online,MC 1-2 and megamek.I also run the Tacoma area battletech group.

Other interests: HItting my friends with sticks in armour,painting minis,working out

#10 Sammy D o C


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Posted 11 November 2011 - 06:00 PM

Great to see you here Moku! Very encouraging. Is Dave coming?

Disciples of Carnage
MPBT Solaris- (10?)Lyrian Guard under Azral and Fren, Golden Horde(Pacer and Mereut), DoC (Bloody Scavenger)
Homebrew, Running/fitness, Politics, Cigars

#11 woolf


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Posted 11 November 2011 - 08:13 PM

Hpt. Gen. woolf
Theatre Command
Timbiqui (ISW)

Hpt. Gen woolf
Theatre Command
Bolan (MPBT Gamestorm)

Wreaking havoc with Mariks.......... Hit and Run on Snakes and FedRats.

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#12 NightmareMoon


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Posted 13 November 2011 - 10:10 AM

Name: lolno.
Group: Steiner Scouting(If you know what I mean)
Background: Played BT when I was little, played MW1,2 & 3, as well as MW:LL.
Other Interests: 40k

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#13 Dagnin


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Posted 13 November 2011 - 06:40 PM

Name: Drew
Callsign: Dagnin
Going Stiener because I am long time Grey Death Legion fan. My MW experience began with the original FASA minis game and Activisions Mechwarrior and Cresent Hawks.

#14 Reggimus


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Posted 14 November 2011 - 11:42 PM

Name: Reggimus
Group: 10th Regulars
Background: Started with CBT, played all the MW games.
Other Interests: Beer, Skiing, Whiskey, Snowboarding, Drinking ..

#15 Kempo


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 04:03 AM

Name: Bushin-Ryu "Kempo" aka Schwarze Hand
Group: Frankonian Broars
Background: secret
Other Interests: BT TT since 25 years, MW + MC, Kitzmann since 1987

#16 HardDrive


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 09:26 AM

Name:James Rader

Group:Steiner 6th lyran guards

Background: Last held rank Was HPT.HardDrive <6LG> [LCAF]
Have not played since MPBT Solaris, anyone a tailor I need a few seems let out a bit.:)

Other Interests: Metal Fabrication, Auto-mechanic, Computer technition

#17 Bad Haircut


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 05:33 PM

Name: Morden "Liquid" Kerensky
Group: None Yet
Background: MW2, 3, 4, LL and MC 1+2
Other Interests: Atlas recon

#18 Riptor


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 05:46 PM

Group:Riptors Raptors (the merc unit i played in MW4, also the name of my unit in megamek)
Background:I played MW2 briefly, played through MW4 (all of its incarnations) several times and played through both mechcommanders... (th first one was a *****)
Other Interests: Anything sci-fy (especially mechs), fantasy or zombie related.

#19 DocBach


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Posted 16 November 2011 - 04:29 PM

Name: Lars, Rooster <ST>, FLATLINEDEATH were handles I remember using - my name in real life is Lars
Group: 4th Skye Rangers, 10th Skye Rangers probably others in MPBT Solaris on AOL/10th SR 3rd Batt in 3025
Background: I was introduced to Battletech about 16 years ago via the novels in middle school, then got into the board game and MechWarrior series. When I got the internet I played MPBT pretty regularly and hung out in the AOL chatroom Skippy's Fern Bar pretty much all the time after school. My secret hobby throughout school was Battletech and I spent my time playing the board game and MPBT and designing 'Mechs compulsively (http://www.solaris7....Info.asp?ID=348). When I graduated high school I joined the Army and introduced some friends Battletech when we were in Iraq. Its been a while since I've played any sort of Battletech, looking forward towards MWO - though my wife probably isn't.
Other Interests: Collecting and shooting firearms, death metal

LOL, just found the profile I made for the 10th Skye Rangers page;

Posted Image
I started off as an ignorant 13 year old who started his own stable just post pay-for-play AOL Solaris. I used the name of my Mercnet unit, the "16th Bear Dragoons of Clan Ghost Bear" as my unit name, which was funny because according to the BT timeline the Ghost Bears don't show up in the Inner Sphere until 3050.

Shortly after starting my stable I was approached by a Colonel Grinner of the 4th Skye Rangers who proposed I merged my unit with the 4SR as battalion commander of the Ranger's 2nd Battalion of House Steiner. The Steiners were always my favorite House so I accepted the offer and fought for the Commonwealth until....

I downloaded some **** that was virused and it killed my computer. So then 3 monthes later my computer was finally fixed, but unfourtenatly, the 4th Skye Rangers ceased to be a unit by the time I was back on MPBT. Longing to fight for House Steiner again, I created my own Skye Ranger regiment, the 17th, with a long time MPBT friend named Jay.

The 17th Skye Rangers lasted about 2 monthes then we quit because it seemed that me and Jay were its only members, so I signed up with the Desert Rats of House Marik because they seemed to be the only active unit in the post-P4P scene. Of course I found life in a Marik unit to be most distastful, so I signed up with Reg Army because my AOL friends Kerensky15 and Wolf3058 played with them. I stayed with Reg Army until I found out about the promised land... Gamestorm.

In this new land I found hundreds of Mechwarriors and thriving House Units, so immediatly I headed towards Silesia and tried to become part of the Golden Horde, as Pacer, its commander was the man who taught me how to play MPBT in the first place (I still remember my first fight with him... His Enforcer completely gutted my Banshee). Unfourtenatly I was rusty and never made it into the Golden Horde (I wasn't used to that damned red flash that happened when you got hit!!). So I wandered until I found the first Steiner unit I could find, which happened to be Hansen's Roughriders and enlisted instantly. I played with HRR for a good 3 monthes and then BAM, my motherboard went out on me and again I was left MPBTless.

Two monthes later I was back on, but I was an avid Mechwarrior 2nd Edition player, and House Steiner just didn't have the roleplaying aspect I was looking for, so I joined up with the 8th Rasalhauge Regulars of the Rasalhauge Military District of House Kurita. I stayed with them a good 8 monthes, but quit after a debate about promotions. After 8 monthes I was only a Talon Sergeant but they were giving out Chu-sa ranks to people that just signed on. Being a Battletech zealous 15 year old, I got offended and resigned, heading to House Liao and the Kell Hounds.

Let me tell you this: Although the Liaos have always had the smallest numbers, I think the quality of their pilots surpass almost all that I have served with, and I just didn't feel at home with them. So I went back to my roots as a Steiner and hooked up with the 1st Royal Guard where I played with for a while and eventually made Sgt, but soon I lost intrest altogether in MPBT and dropped out of the unit.

Meanwhile IRL I was becoming an out of control pothead, until I finally got arrested for a third time for the stupid herb when I finally decided to sober up. Just about that time I got an e-mail saying that I was invited to test play MPBT: 3025, which I immediatly downloaded and begun playing. Finally I decided I was sick of being a freelancer and I went to the House Steiner webpage and saw a link the the 10th Skye Rangers page and I decided to click on it and I went there and I saw the Join 10SR link and I decided, hey what the hell?

So now I'm one of you guys, a member of the Black Watch.

Location: Morgan Hill, California
Occupation:High School Senior
Unit History: 4th Skye Rangers, 17th Skye Rangers, Desert Rats, Reg Army, Hansen's Roughriders, 8th Rasalhauge Regulars, Kell Hounds, 1st Royal Guard, 10th Skye Rangers
Joined LCAF: 1997, 1998, 2001
Achievements: I saw Slayer over the summer (One time I double legged Fren Oberon)
Highest Attained Rank: Hauptmann Kommandant, 4th Skye Rangers, 17th Skye Rangers
Best Mechs: MAD-3M Mara... Oops, that doesn't exist anymore! I guess its the Jav considering its all I have besides a com...
Battletech Hobbies: I used to be an avid board gamer and roleplayer but now MPBT 3025 is all the BT I play.
Other Interests:Beer, girls, beer, guns, girls, paintballing, ***********, beer
Joystick/Mouse: Mouse
Music Listened to While Playing:SLAYER
Age: 17

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#20 DerRitter


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Posted 17 November 2011 - 08:19 AM

Name: D.L. "DerRitter" Arnold
Group: 10th Lyran Guards
Background: MW 2,3,4; MC 2
Other Interests: Anything sci-fi, sports, music, history and politics

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