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Ultimate Pay Lock Out

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Posted 30 August 2013 - 08:26 AM

I started an account this month. I started to like the game so I went and purchased the overlord package. I then tried to buy the saber package and was met with the payment being canceled. I waited a day and tried again only to be met with another cancelation. I contacted ultimatepay where I was told since I have a new account I exceeded my purchase. I asked what the limit was and she back tracked and told me there is no dollar amount. but I can make a purchase in a few business days. then for an alternative she told me to go buy the "ultimate pay prepurchase card" evidently driving me to a store to purchase their item instead of the "safety" of paypal. I think I might just go for a refund or the phoenix pack and just say the hell with this. even in beta other games have figured out how to deal with micro transactions. and on a side note I would need to wait 3 months to have my account reevaluated to be placed on a "white" list so I can purchase more than once a week. has anyone else had to deal with this. also sent an email to mwo support. still waiting for that reply

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