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The Game,,trial Mechs

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Posted 12 September 2013 - 12:51 AM

i first started playin just over a month ago,,man those big assults looked cool,,so as any new player we are going to battel in one of those,,the atlas,,yeah,,i was so excited,,then reality set in. when my 1st target appeard and i blasted him,,2 vollys and the mech shut down and i was shot out in a few seconds,,this happened almost every game,,i never wanted to drive a atlas again..even the arms that have more armour alone than my raven does, comes off all the time,,

So you see i almost quit the game,so what were the programmers thinking? I guess let;s make the trial mechs so terrible that nobody wants to play them and we like to get shot out in a few seconds and leave the game,becouse we dont want to make the game fun or make any money. well they did a good job with that..here, let me set you right,,shall we.

take the trial mechs and put all the armor you can on,,the fastest motor it can have and just some lite weaponry with plenty of heat sinks so a new player can survive and have a little fun,So they can enjoy themselves and get a few shots in,,just before they get creamed by a veteran player ok,,okidoki now that ive set you straight,,just do it.

have no clue what they are going to do with a 300 mph mech that has no jump jets and will be forced to travel the same speed as a jenner or cicada with little weaponry,,i bought the locust becouse the board game says its one of the fastest mechs and way faster than anything in the game,,now i find theres a speed limit,,what a rip,,20 bucks down the drain,so i guess i;ll have to wait another 3 months for the wolverine..thanks

games for the new player

like to see novice,,intermediat and masters tiers,,if i cant get all 3 i would settle for a novice tier that only the new players can play..this way new players will be playing only other new players till they are ready for the big arena.and once u decide to leave the novice arena for the masters you can never play the novice arena again..this way the new players can meet others like themselves and make friends that they will have as long as the game continues and will be there when they decide to advance to the masters class..this will improve the game and fun for all becouse they will not be getting hammerd by the veteran players untill they are ready.then it is thier choice to move up and must accept the consequences of playing in the big arena..

it was a very good day of playing..only saw 1 12-0 game..most games were hard fought and well deserved wins,untill we get a death match with no bases,,cap warriors please,stay out of assualt,when you play to cap,,you are not where you are supposed to be and where you need to be,,hold the line,play like a solgier..brother to brother in life and death,see you on the battelfield.

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