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Faq - Tournament Series (Beta): First Engagement

Official Tournament

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Posted 06 May 2014 - 09:32 AM

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers to the MWO Tournament Series (beta): First Engagement. This post was last updated on May 8, 2014.

Q: How do participants communicate with other team members, Team Captains, and the other teams?
A: The Team Captain's of teams who are scheduled to compete in the same match will be emailed by our Events Team with the email address of their opposing Team Captain. Team Captains will then coordinate and mutually agree to their match time on behalf of their Team. Teams are also welcome to use our Forums to coordinate with opposing teams. In addition, a variety of free voice communication software is available online. Please see our list of Community-Run Voice Servers.

Q: Can I change members on my Team? Can the Team Captain be reassigned?
A: You can change the members of your team, but only up until the end of the Application period (midnight EDT May 12, 2014). You cannot reassign your Team Captain. Make a new team before the deadline if you need to change the team captain or the team name.

Q: If I don't have enough players to register my Team, what can I do?
A: Find more players! There are numerous players who do not have a team, consider posting in the Barracks Forum.

Q: There are only 12 Players on a Team. Are the extra 3 Substitute players required?
A: Yes, we require that each team has 15 players, including 1 Team Captain, 11 Regular Players and 3 Substitute Players.

Q: Can a substitute player substitute for one or more brackets?
A: Substitutes can be interchanged with the regularly assigned players at any point between brackets (no changes during the game match).

Q: Team Captains will be given Premium Time to facilitate the Launch Module Custom Options. Does this mean that Team Captains must "Activate" their Premium Time Bank.
A: Team Captains will be required to "Activate" their Banked Premium Time in the client. Please do not apply as a Team Captain if you are not willing to enable your Banked Time.

Q: What happens in case of a tie?
A: Given the bracket game mode requirements and the nature of tournament play, we don't anticipate tied games. However, if two teams tie, they will play a rematch immediately following their tied game, with the same match parameters.

Q: How are match times selected?
A: Match times are to be coordinated by the selected Team Captains with final decision made by PGI/IGP based on a first-come/first-serve basis. We ask that Team Captains agree upon and present their top 5 picks for times within the time slot bracket. If your initial selection of time is not available, the next available time in your top list will be selected and put up on a public facing calendar, to be provided soon.

Q: Do the Hero Mech and Champion Mech Prizes come with a Mech Bay?
A: Yes, the first and second place teams will receive a Mech Bay with their prize.

Q: How were Teams/Seeds Selected?
First priority for team selection was given to the first unique teams to acquire 15 players. Several teams had to be disqualified for a variety of reasons, including being an additional team for a Merc Corps already represented, or repeated in-game misconduct of one or more members of the team. While we greatly appreciate the enthusiasm of those Corps who managed to get several teams ready, our sincerest apologies go out to those who couldn't make it so that other units could also be fairly represented in this particular test tournament.

It is important to note that this is the first official tournament of this variety which we have implemented, as well as being in BETA as a feature. As such, the tournament should be regarded as unranked. Seeding for this round was aimed at fairly matching each team by overall ELO within the first bracket. We are eager to investigate the many possibilities of how to arrange future tournaments with both existing data (ELO/KDR/WLR) and new data from this event, as well as ways to organize a ranking/seeding system. Ideally, any such system would be both fair to the teams and fun for those cheering from the sidelines. Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated on this particular matter, as future tournaments will be less about testing systems and more about just having fun.

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