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Trebuchet Tbt-Lg

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#61 Johny Rocket


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Posted 02 December 2015 - 07:17 PM

4 srm6
srm6 range and cooldown
seismic and radar dep

#62 Davy J0nes


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Posted 05 December 2015 - 09:04 PM

After trying out the [color=#6a6a6a]Griffin for the first time I have had a hard time with the treb while I will no way stop using the treb-lg I will say with 4 srms with the Griffin + ecm if you even want + missile hard points in the same or near enough to the locations (meaning you can get away without [/color]artemis)[color=#6a6a6a] I am pretty much saying the Griffin seems better hell you even have a shield arm I had hoped the quirks would of help the LG however it wasn't to be which is a shame.[/color]

[color="#6a6a6a"]Anyone who knows me knows the number 1 mech for myself is the Treb (hell i own them all), but from been over shadowed from the re scale voting and now to have experienced the treb against other mechs such as the griffin...it almost seems unfair.[/color]

[color=#6a6a6a]Pros of the treb.[/color]

[color=#6a6a6a]Your fast and the mech itself simply feels [/color]flexible I have also noticed while in the mech turning the mech looking upwards and downwards seems to be the best then any other mech I have tired so far. ( think looking upwards up a hill or downwards if you get me ) Meaning you can actually target mechs while they cant target you.

With the treb there is more options to choice from jump-jets missiles lasers even AC and a option to one of the fastest medium mechs in the game

Its simply a lot of fun. My fav been the 7k 5j and the LG or m7 there pretty much the same ( since the 7m having that missile cd quirk) the 3c is pretty much my troll mech but I have to say huge amount of fun with that speed firing lrms and keeping out of danger even lights who hunt you will have a hard time forgetting them op arctic cheetahs that seems to not be receiving damaged or something even after your target it..but different topic.

Also to point out yes the treb is wide so you would think easy target to that CT which it is so yes XL engine is the way to go BUT while keeping your mech at its side your a skinny ****** so keep that in mind your a small profile almost on your side so its useful while going 1v1 against someone doing a quick turn past them. and letting them have it.

End of the day good mech but still needs to be looked at with quirks. more still please dont let it be forgotten.

My thoughts on the quirks so far.

Already you guess it LG simply not good enough. I know its a hero and from what i have seen heroes dont normally get buffed much but from what I can tell it only got some etc armor to its ARMS. - think about it its going against mechs 5 tons more then it a few with misslce hard points same location I dont know I just thought more could be done for the mech.

7M simply a great mech all around with that cd quirks ( try out srm2s with module so much fun, )

7K ( needs no introduction ) some call it a poor mans shadow hawk I say its better then them if you forget about no jump-jets

5J its always been up there in the past you would lose your arms far to easily though. must see what its like now since the etc armor quirks put towards arms. - has GREAT standard laser quirks.

3c already talked about you get the idea.

5n I feel like they didn't know what to do with this treb. Starting off its the SAME treb as the 3c with hard point locations only less of a engine cap 325 ( 3c 390 I think off the top of my head and one laser hard point in the center) it can also turn left to right a tiny bit more then the 3c, what they did here was give it like - srm lrm spread quirks and quriks to lasers around half as good as the 5J so its simply a treb in the middle Its not a bad treb just my point of view you may as well go for one of the other models not one between.

Anyway the Treb becuase its so wide fireing locations on the treb spread to much - other mechs dont have this problem
Its 50tons so while you could do artemis in a attempt to make up for this, ammo heat sinks engine cap will suffer for this.
So after manymany diffrent matches I have frond 4 srm4s or two srms 6s (left right torso ) is the way to go

Anyway to tired to finish this post maybe finish it later.

#63 Fox With A Shotgun


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Posted 06 December 2015 - 01:46 AM

Posted Image

Alas, poor Kitfox. Your tiny frame could not bear the greatness of the Clan SRMs...

I ran out of ammo :S

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