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Clan Mech Specifications

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Posted 16 June 2014 - 10:06 AM

Greetings MechWarriors,

Intelligence reports on the Clan Mechs are coming through, please stand by for full transmission:

  • Torso movement values, arm movement values, and other quirks are still being tuned and have been left out of this list as existing values are purely placeholders. As properties get finalized, this document will be updated and resent.
  • All weapons and equipment listed is assumed to be the Clan version of the weapon/equipment (if such a version exists).
  • The “Base” listing for each Mech is a summary of the fixed equipment and other properties of the Mech that cannot be changed.
  • The Prime(G) and Prime(I) variants have the same loadouts/stats as the standard Prime versions, except that they also come with a 30% C-Bill boost.
  • All OmniPods have a set bonus such that equipping all OmniPods of a set (e.g. TBR-A), including the CT OmniPod, provides a 2.5% XP boost. This value may be tuned or changed before release.
Arm Actuator Rules:
  • The presence of the Lower Arm and/or Hand Actuator is determined by the OmniPod equipped to the Mech’s arm.
  • Lower Arm and Hand Actuators can be toggled on and off by the user.
  • Lower Arm and Hand Actuators are forced off if an Autocannon (including Ultra and LBX types), Gauss Rifle, or PPC is equipped to that arm.
  • Current arm angle rules:
    • 0 lower arm actuators = 0 degrees yaw
    • 1 lower arm actuator = 10 degrees yaw (currently true on all Mechs, individual values may possibly change in the future)
    • 2 lower arm actuators = different for each Mech

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