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Update On The Desync Bug

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 11:43 AM

Hello MechWarrior’s,

Many of you are aware of what has been referred to as the “Desync bug” where players experience screen freezing or watching other 'Mech’s walk in place. Recently Karl Berg put up this post to help explain our latest understanding of the issue at the time, which can be found here.

Our first order of attack was to improve the way we send some types of traffic from our servers. This change went live late last week; unfortunately the Desync issue remains a problem. There have been some reports that the problem is less frequent but there is no data yet to prove this, so for now we are working under the assumption that the issue remains at the same frequency as before.

Regardless of this result, we do feel the change we made was a positive one and does remove lots of messaging work from the servers and network and may make it easier for us to now identify the true problem.

This remains priority number one for our network engineers and a candidate for a future hot fix. As soon as we have more information on a possible fix we will let the community know our plan for testing and implementation.

In the meantime the only thing that you the players can do to help would be to provide reliable reproduction steps for this issue, something that so far has eluded us.

Thanks for your feedback!

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