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Mwo / P2 - Frequently Asked Questions

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Posted 08 September 2014 - 03:41 PM

Greetings MechWarriors,

Fresh from the desks of our fearless leaders! Here are their responses to your concerns regarding both MWO and #AUniverseToExplore

How does our new project affect the development of MWO?
MWO is not impacted in any negative way by P2, in fact it’s quite the opposite. By having 2 projects we are able to leverage economies of scale from the two projects. For those in accounting – fixed costs (rent, admin, utilities, etc) are now shared among a larger pool of developers, which in turn lowers development costs and allows us to add more resources. In addition we are able to leverage economies of scale with respects to centralization of similar services.

Will MWO be shutdown when P2 is released?
We do not have any plans to shutdown MWO when P2 is released. We are dedicated to developing MWO for as long as our fans show interest in supporting the game!

Why don’t you just finish MWO first?
Community Warfare is the last remaining main feature of the original vision to be delivered. As to CW you have recently seen Unit creation and we are now just a few short months away from delivering this final item. Having said that MWO is never finished. We plan to add content until a) the license expires, B) players no longer want to support development of new features and content beyond CW.

Who is heading MWO?
Russ will be spearheading MWO and Bryan will be spearheading P2. There will be oversight from both of us on each project.

Was MWO Founder’s money used to pay for development of P2?
No!!! Absolutely not! Every last cent PGI received from the Founder’s program and each consecutive program (Phoenix and Clans) went right back into development of MWO.

What are your future plans for MWO in 2015 and beyond?
Please Join Russ for a town hall tomorrow details to be found here: https://mwomercs.com...-russ-on-twitch . We have some great ideas we would like to share but we also are going to want to hear from you on what you want to see.

Do you plan on renewing your license with Microsoft?
When it expires, and if the game continues to be successful, I don’t see why we would not. It’s quite far in the future (almost 6 years), so it’s hard to look in a crystal ball.

Would you ever divert resources from one project to another?
We will always do whatever is best for the success of our company, which means we will do whatever it takes to build games that are engaging and entertaining for you to play. However this is never something that negatively impacts feature development of a project, see the following question and answer for more details on how this relationship works.

Are you sharing resources between MWO and P2?
The short answer is yes. With the addition of P2 Piranha has undergone and will continue to undergo organizational changes to support the success of both projects.

Each project will have a dedicated core development team; a group of developers that only work on one project at a time. These dev teams are supported by a central Live Operations and Marketing team responsible for keeping the game and websites running smoothly.

Existing Dev Support and Community Management will be moved into a new central Live Ops and Marketing team. We have already staffed up our team to support MWO, and will continue to add resources to help manage the growth of both projects as needed.

Where is the money for P2’s development coming from?
P2 is still very much in it’s infancy. We have funded a small prototype team for the last few months from government subsidies available here in Canada. Although Piranha has many options available to it for funding P2, each of those options comes with significant revenue sharing and more importantly impacts on our control of the product and it’s path. Our hope is that crowdfunding will support the future development.

Are MWO and P2 related/connected?
No, P2 is an original IP.

What is the timeline for remaining Community Warfare features?
Like all features in a game like MWO, I hesitate stating when ALL of a feature will be implemented because many features like Community Warfare may continue to grow and expand indefinitely. However as to the main remaining aspect of planetary combat we still plan to implement this feature late in the fall of 2014. Expect lots of communication on our progress in September.

Does P2 have a publisher?
We do not have a publisher, and we are not looking for one.

Feel free to comment here: http://mwomercs.com/...tions-feedback/

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