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Keep Your Eyes On The Prize Of Cw. Your Promise To Focus On Cw!

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Posted 18 September 2014 - 04:23 PM

You all (PGI) really need to leave balance alone til you have these new drop types in place with the idea of battling on a planets. The game has been balanced for the PUG world far too long and this is far different than what will be used in a planetary system that requires weight to firepower types of tactics to accomplish goals.
Example: A planetary recon would be made up of the mechs with electronics, speed and camouflage heavy configurations.
Base Attack and Defense use the max-min of configurations depending on the terrain and on whether there will be hardened targets.
Fire support with Missiles and Artillery takes on a whole new message too. This is what made Battletech frigging cool because it had all this infrastructure needed to create such a battle of exploding metal that spanned all these different planetary environments. Most of these players here have never seen anything like it and really probably wonder what is the big deal with CW anyway. It is the ultimate war game. No more Mr. World War here we are now fighting galactic wars with the technology that would be of that era.
On top of that, you could bring these same war machines out on the battlefield to punch the next mech in the face or plant a foot in their chest. Amazing metal battles that made us old metal music heads happy with our true love of machines and war.

All the systems that you have already put in place will now show their true colors with these new uses in this colossal planetary warfare system called Community Warfare. That is what all us of have been waiting on and complaining about. Give that to us and you won't have to worry about making a new game. The ranks will fill up with players like the old Zone days. You better just hope you got the infrastructure to handle the net code. ;) Keep your eyes on the CW code, PGI and get this one out for all of us.

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Posted 18 September 2014 - 04:31 PM


then post there and let everyone know that's one of your priorities :)

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