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Posted 13 January 2015 - 08:11 AM

Greetings warriors of the Draconis Combine and unaffiliated mercenaries who call the EU timezone home!
The 9th Sword of the Dragon regiment is looking to expand our Community Warfare footprint and gain more members who play in the EU community. With the upcoming attack window changes, both House Kurita and the 9th Sword need active Mechwarriors in all timezones to present a coordinated front against our enemies. The 9th Sword of the Dragon's former EU company the Blades of the Twelve is being expanded to battalion status and we are looking to gain active members who want to win in CW.

Who are the 9th Sword of the Dragon?
The 9th Sword [9SD] have been an acting House Kurita loyalist regiment since 1996. We have participated in many player-organized leagues (RHoD, ISW, MCW, Beerwarrior tourney, etc...) and are turning our focus towards MWO's Community Warfare. We are one of the oldest HK units around, and have members that span the experience window from former House Warlords and Prefecture commanders to the newest players around.
The Blades have been an integral part of the 9th Sword's identity, being formed nearly two years ago when the 9th Sword re-activated for MWO. The Blades are English-speaking players from all different EU countries and some NA players with strange schedules/playtimes. The Blades are a fun bunch of guys who look forward to seeing some new faces and blowing up some Mechs together.

Is the 9th Sword competitive or casual?
We are a unit with a competitive spirit but realistic gametime expectations for our members. We are working professionals with families, so we understand RL issues. We do have, and foster, our competitive members who train weekly and are constantly experimenting with builds and tactics. We can conform to the meta or work around it, we are flexible with the in-game changes that happen. We have weekly training for all our members where we teach and work on tactics and pilot skill. The 9th Sword will train you, as long as you are willing to learn.

What do you gain by joining the 9th Sword?
When you join the 9th Sword you have access to our veteran drop commanders, Mech trainers, and loremasters. You become a member of a prestigious unit that is respected by our sister units and our enemies. You will have the ability to cross-train with other HK units and allied mercs, as well as fight against some of the most deadly fighters in the game on the CW battlefield.

What is required of a 9th Sword member?
Respect for your fellow MechWarriors, whether they are your team or the enemy. Access to a mic and downloading Teamspeak3- we play on comms and require them to be used. An attitude ready for fun, competition, and a willingness to learn.
The Blades of the Twelve battalion is looking for active EU members and are ready to lead House Kurita onto the CW battlefield. Please join us on our TS server (no password) and register on our enjin site- www.9thsword.enjin.com
For any questions, feel free to message any of our Sho-ko recruiters, we would be happy to answer any question you have.

Sho-ko Lord Ikka, NA recruiting
Sho-ko Strikken, EU recruiting
Sho-ko numbTriggerFinger, SEA recruiting

See you on the battlefield MechWarriors- Forward the Dragon!

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