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Free Rasalhague Irregular Militia

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#1 Sandersson Jankins


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Posted 21 February 2015 - 09:22 PM

Hail, pilots of the republic! hello yes i am gay can i take your order (daruvian does not allow serious ARR PEE Hail, turbonerds, keyboard jockeys, and assorted rabble of the republic!

Myself and several old battle-buddies have formed a somewhat impromptu unit, with the intent of transitioning from a small core of moderately experienced players supported by green recruits, into an effective CW drop force, able to put together 12-man drops at a time, and have effective 1/2 lance forces.

As time progresses, the unit will become more structured, although a website is doubtful. We're here to kill clanners and enjoy doing it. Behavior will not be monitored, audited, or reprimanded. Act as you wish; if someone has an issue with you, bringing it to the unit's turbonerd leadership will do them no good. I request that you show good sportsmanship, effective team communication, and restraint from being too large of a jackass. However, we're intended to be a hastily thrown-together rag-tag militia group, and such units are not known for their military bearing or discipline.

Although we'll not have many rules besides those that benefit us in combat, it is important to treat all fellow militia with respect. In the beginning, we are mostly old friends and we'll banter and talk **** with one another easily. We've been together (how cute) for years, with faces coming and going. We'll make anyone looking to join us feel right at home. High morale and esprit-de-corps is good for killing.

Finally, it is relevant to mention that we ARE a bit newer at the game than established larger factions. If you're brand-spanking-new, we'll pass on the knowledge we have gladly and make you one of our own. If you're a cold hard clan killer, we'll consider ourselves grateful to have you in a lance with us, and you can fill some sort of leadership/sensai role if you would like. We're not so big on politics with ranks, since we barely consider them, but whatever seems to work is what we do.

We'll be most active in EST prime-time timezone, although I would adore having a lance to take into battle in EU or AUS timezones. I'm a third shift worker, so I am often playing at around 8-12AM EST, but most of our force would be projected at 8pm-2am EST, I'd reckon.

Some folks to watch out for, they'll be our more vocal and teamwork-oriented individuals:

MrP1nk, prone to playing light ecm and filling in whatever else is needed
Buster Hymen the Penetrator, prone to playing direct and indirect fire support
Zater, prone to playing direct fire support, gauss rifles and the like.

We have plenty more pilots, enough to fill a couple lances. We're still organizing so I don't have much in the way of documentation or bio type stuff for anyone. Not even sure if that is important; I think the vital thing is to comprise a competent strike force to assist in capturing clan worlds.

If you'd like to know more, add me on:

steam: sand_man_pb
MWO: Sandersson Jankins

Or join our TS3 at frisianfaggots.mainvoice.net

It should be noted that people without rather thick skin for foul language and such things may wish to caution themselves. We'll only censor our communication in the event of a request by someone we consider a good friend.

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#2 Sandersson Jankins


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Posted 22 February 2015 - 11:39 PM

I guess I'll post some common lance setups here, both for our benefit and for the perverse pleasure of being a nerd documenting video games.

For now, we'll probably be at around 2 lances strong in our prime-time, so I'll see if I can make some good generalized drop decks for us.

Able Lance:
1 Command Mech: (heavy or assault, I choose my Orion with BAP for this usually, loadout should complement the rest of the strike force. Loadout should include support gear such as BAP, AMS, and perhaps a command console, although those seem just a bit heavy at 3 tons for their worth.

2 Fire Support Mechs: (A medium mech with a light sniper or missile platform setup can work, but more ideally in this position are Stalkers, Awesomes, Catapults, Jagermechs, or other direct/indirect fire platforms.) If I was in such a role, I would likely choose either a Blackjack with dual ac/2s or a Stalker with missiles.

1 ECM Support Mech: (A light or medium mech generally, with ECM absolutely mandatory. A group cannot function without it, and protection of this mech and pilot is very important to the rest of the force.) I would choose my Cicada 3-M for this role. For weapons, I am undecided what is best; much more useful is pilot skill with ECM.

Bravo Lance
2 Brawler Mechs: (These could be anything from a strong medium such as a hunchback, to assault mechs.) Discretion based upon known enemy configurations, battle/map conditions, and owned mechs. Ideally, each brawler mech should come equipped with weapons that complement one another, and max armour. For example, I would not choose a mech with ER PPC(s) as well as medium lasers. The effective range on all your weapons for brawler mechs should be sub-400 meters.

2 Other Mechs: These slots are best used to round out the strike force. Planning on pushing extremely hard and need more than a lone ECM mech? (Very handy with a pre-made 8 man group; you'll never know if that remaining lance has ECM or not) Grab a wee ECM support chassis, or even an Atlas with ECM. These mechs are the "wiggle room" and should adapt to the enemy.

Way I figure it, at least 2 dedicated or semi-dedicated missile platforms will readily inflict enough damage when focused on a single target, with the command mech and adaptive mechs providing possible additional sky-{Richard Cameron}. The Command mech and Brawler mechs, in addition to (hopefully) 2 pieces of ECM should provide a competent pushing force. If the remaining lance is flavoured a certain way, any playstyle can be easily accomodated. Essentially, the specifics of the drop must take into account the team as a whole. We are not yet large enough for a 3 lance drop, so this is where we'll start.

Of course, paper isn't so flexible. When LAZORS and DAKKA starts popping off, a lot of planning goes out the window. Still, a nice pre-made sort of setup is very good when you don't KNOW you have all of your pilots at the PC during match setup/loading. Additionally, it is good for handing a certain role to a newer player. They'll understand exactly where they fit in after some explanation and coaching.

Any suggestions, let me know. I'm not very up2date on the meta, but I've been a sperg on the internet for many years, mostly all of them playing competitively, so I think I can grasp basic and intermediate group tactics.

As always, forward the Republic!

#3 Sandersson Jankins


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Posted 27 February 2015 - 03:29 AM

Is it alright to blatantly multi-post here? Because I'm doing it, I guess.

Seems like some setups we should try are posted here: http://metamechs.com...ists/comp-list/

I know for near fact that none of us are going to make a super-meta drop deck, but one or two "top tier" mechs along with our favorite, but perhaps not as good mechs rounding it out.

Since we're up to about 2 lances on our most active times, I'm curious if we should run each lance with 3 heavies/assaults with a supporting ECM mech each on the first CW drop. Seems like that first spawn is vital for morale and positioning. You know that when you lose the first wave 2-12, your team isn't going to be trying very hard anymore, unless they're hardcore loyalists or something.

So, a nice lance might be as follows:

One Stalker 4-N with 6 large lasers http://mwo.smurfy-ne...c09854f5b422a33


Two Thunderbolt 9S with 3 ER PPCS http://mwo.smurfy-ne...7a7b004cc05d7ce


Two Quickdraw 4Gs with 3 ER Large Lasers http://mwo.smurfy-ne...6f564a20d9baf95


Two Jagermech6-S with 2 Gauss Rifles http://mwo.smurfy-ne...8de8e39b8fe9458

(these are just top-tier fire support chassis, anything reasonable and optimized should be used)


One Raven 3-L with ECM http://mwo.smurfy-ne...0cf50feb7bb654f

OR other ECM mech (I use a Cicada 3-M, seems just fine)

So, that would comprise one "fug off with your push clan scum" lance. Reckon if these guys were placed at a good firing position they'd be able to stunt at least 1 star from pushing, unless it was 5 direwolves or something.

LRM/Fast Attack lance setups will be posted once I'm at work tomorrow.

And CW strategies are relevant nerd material:




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Posted 02 April 2015 - 08:22 PM

Still alive, although with less time than usual. I'm not the nerd-herder that I used to be ;)

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