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Community Warfare Statistics

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Posted 01 April 2015 - 12:13 PM

Many people including myself were very interested to get some statistics from the past weeks first ever Community Warfare focused event.

First of all I was very happy with the participation and overall numbers we were seeing in CW, with around 1500-1800 players in CW matches at any given moment.

Key Stats:

- 8140 matches of CW were played during the event.
- 4347 Invasion
- 3793 Counter Attack
- 6323 matches were IS vs Clans

Here is where it gets real interesting.

- Clans won 3330 of those matches, which equates to a ~53% win rate.

Even with that win rate the IS took over 53 planets and the Clans took over ZERO. How is this possible you ask! there must have been lots of autowins ( turret drops ). No in fact:

- Only 2.8% of all the matches went to auto win because of no opponent. Keep in mind that 2.8% was spread out across the entire event, it would have played zero part in any successful planet flips.

If not via auto win then how?

I took to twitter recently on this subject to explain how the event really exposed a flaw in the way CW determines the game mode. The system tries to switch back and forth between Invasion and Counter Attack to make things as fair as possible. However after 5 seconds if there is not an opposing team present it switches the game mode to the opposite so the existing team can achieve an auto win if nobody shows up. They then begin their 10 minute wait time and 98% of the time an opponent DOES show up. However the game mode has already been switched. This prevents the lower population faction from getting the game mode they need in order to either successfully attack or defend their planet, even though they are keeping up with the queue, preventing auto wins and perhaps even have the higher win percentage.

Anyhow it's a complex subject to try and explain via the written form. Suffice it to say we have a fix being implemented now and hope to put it live with the April 21st patch. In the meantime with CW populations more evened out with the event over, it does seem safe to enjoy that mode for the time being but this fix will be absolutely necessary before we can hold an event like this again.

In fact I will be considering a map reset after this fix has been implemented. When you consider this fix along with the following: Call to Arms fixes and improvements, several layers of Queue information added, faction groups, faction chat, VOIP, Counter Attack game mode, map algorithm fixes I think it would be pretty good timing for moving into phase 2 of our CW Beta.

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