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Lets Talk About Solaris!

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Posted 04 July 2015 - 10:38 PM

This was briefly mentioned a few times but not really discussed or elaborated on so I figured I would make a post here so we can give the dev team some ideas to work with.

I dont think this is something that nessecarily needs to wait to be implemented. It could be done much like CW in phases but for now they could just make it bare bones and move on.

Basically, Solaris could start as an in-game ladder system. This would eliminate the need for all the 3rd party we sites and leagues.

MPBT had sanctioned matches per weight class for 1v1 games. MW:O could take it a step farther and do the same but add ranking ladders for weights and number of players i.e

Lights 1v1, 2v2,4v4,8v8 and FFA.
Med 1v1,2v2,4v4,8v8 and FFA

Eventually Solaris could incorporate a stable system similar to the unit system but you could have people from different factions in the same stable almost like a sub group that only applied while fighting in Solaris style matches. I could see this being a great way for people to spectate battles and possibly even make wagers one day.

I think right now what the game is really lacking is a place for people to get together and do some drops outside of the 12v12 or CW environments which gets boring fast unless your playing with your clan/unit. Solaris would also allow for smaller battles and allow people to get more of that gritty, personal fighting that you just dont get in company vs company battles. I miss the days of 1v1s and smaller team fights. I think the cap on Solaris matches might even be better to be at lance level. I dont remember too many large scale team brawls in the fiction taking place on Solaris.

For right now they could easily do it as a planet you click on, it has its own chat lobby and you could have both sanctioned and unsanctioned matches. Basically the unsanctioned matches would be public matches that allowed people to do smaller battles with their friends and rivals. The sanctioned matches would be a separate ranking and stat system then the ones for CW and public matches. I dont see this as being that much harder then one of the special planetary maps they did like tukkayd. Eventually polishing it and adding more and more. I really think this would be a great way to get some life into the game and allow for more of a variety of matches. Have it so the lobbies are visable once your on the solaris planet and you can join specific matches. Eventually a challenge, ranking, bidding and betting system would be ideal.

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