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General Public Test Faq

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Posted 13 July 2015 - 02:12 PM

How do I log into the Test Environment? So it’s a completely separate installation?
  • Yes, in order to access the Test Environment you must install this unique version of the game. The installation size will be the same as the normal game installation, so make sure you have sufficient space!
I found a Bug! What do I do now?
  • Time-permitting, try to reproduce it!
  • See if the Repair Tool affects the issue - it can be found in the C:\Program Files (x86)\MWO Public Test\MechWarrior Online\Bin32 folder by default.
  • Let us know about the issue in the form here.
Should I delete my installation after the test?
  • Ideally, no. Any future Public Tests will run from the same patcher, and getting into those future tests will be easier if you keep your installation around. Feel free to delete the Public Test client after the Public Test Period is over if you want to free up the space, though.
When is the Test Environment running?
  • Announcements will be made through our Announcement sub-forum and various social media channels.
How do I tell whether or not I am using the Test Environment?
  • Check the logo at the top left-hand corner of the MechLab: You should see in green text "Public Test" when you are in the Test Environment.
  • Please check to ensure you are on the Test Environment before making any customizations or purchases: All purchases on the Live service are final and non-refundable.
Which account am I using when I'm on the Test Environment?
  • The Test Environment uses a snapshot of your regular 'live' account. No data is ever transferred back from the Test Environment to your live account, so you're free make any changes you like without any fear of affecting your standard account.
    • Much like Vegas, what happens in the Test Environment stays in Test Environment.
    • Changes you make on Test Environment may be wiped at any moment and replaced with a new copy of your account details.
If I change my password on my live account, will it immediately work in the Test Environment?
  • No. Your account will be based off the last time a snapshot was taken, so it will be using the password from that last snapshot. There is no way to change the password of your Public Test account.
Are the changes I make inside the Test Environment permanent?
  • No. Feel free to experiment with your purchases and builds in the Test Environment. Your account in the Test Environment will eventually get overwritten when we take a new snapshot of your live account.
Will I have to re-setup my settings when I use the Test Environment?
  • Yes, all of your settings will be set to defaults. This includes throttle decay, resolution, arm lock, and so on.
Can I get more MC, C-bills, GXP, etc… to test stuff?
  • No. If Public Tests required a specific amount of MC, C-bills, or GXP we would grant it on the Test Environment only!
Can I Buy MC on the Test Environment?
  • No. Any MC purchases on the website will go to your live account.
Can I buy stuff on Live and have it added to the Test Environment?
  • We will be taking 'snapshots' of all live account data and duplicating it on the Test Environment.
    • On your first login your 'Mechs and loadouts may not reflect the your latest account information from your regular Live account.
    • 'Snapshots' of your live account data will be updated periodically on the Test Environment, though there may be a considerable delay between snapshots. Please don't expect your latest live account details to be replicated immediately in the Test Environment.
Can I spend MC in the Test Environment?
  • Yes, you can spend any MC in your account but it will only alter the MC balance on the Test Environment. No purchases will transfer from the Test Environment to your live account.
    • Purchases in the Test Environment will not remove C-Bills or MC from your live account.
Will my Mech loadout changes in the Test Environment transfer to my live account?
  • No. Loadout changes made in the Test Environment will only affect your test account and will not relay to your live account.
Will my C-bills and XP earned in the Test Environment transfer to my live account?
  • No. Rewards earned in the Test Environment will only affect your test account and will not relay to your live account.
Why do I earn so many C-Bills in the Test Environment?
  • There is a 'Cadet Bonus' for your first 25 matches.
Things work/look/feel different on the test servers.
  • That’s the point, to test things out. We put a version of the game that is not the main live branch to test new features and functionality.
    • Sometimes the latest changes to the normal environment may not be present in the public test environment.
I'm trying to play a Match on the Public Test Server but it won't let me connect.
  • Depending on what is actually being testing with the Public Test Server, match services may not be available.

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