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Posted 22 April 2015 - 11:01 AM

View PostHelmstif, on 04 April 2013 - 10:43 PM, said:

Apparently whoever created Battletech universe is not exactly familiar with east Asia...I mean c'mon you got a giant Japanese navy flag on a 'Mech with a Chinese name! (yup I mean YLW)

The thing to remember about the Battletech fiction and universe is that most of it is built off of the idea that Earth based nationalism and symbol is something that is in a distant past to them. (How accurate do us in the modern day have of what life, language and symbols was like thousands of years ago from half way around the world?)

Their idea of national pride, race, racism, and belief system is rooted in how they are defined as nations in vast star empires. Not how they where on earth. (earth at this point is pretty much long forgotten as anything more then a footnote in people's minds.)

In the books, people aren't discriminated against for being Chineese, Japanese, White, or whatever, they are discriminated against for being Capellan, Kuritan, from the Federation, or are of a different caste from others within their system of rules and laws.

All throughout Battletech, there is this hodgepodge of cultural references that is span from multiple cultures.

Kurita for example was formed from a family who's decedents where from Japan, and their aesthetic based on vague understandings of how their heritage and culture originated from. (How accurate is most modern Japanese entertainment that covers pre- Sengoku Jidai periods compared to how they really shook down 1000 years ago?)

But even with Kurita's ruling family being of Japanese decent, it doesn't mean that the Combine is like Japan. They have a large amount of Muslim's, Hindi, African, and Spanish / Protugul populations within their space. While their ruling party might be of Japanese decent, it does not make the rest of the combine nothing more then some mid evil space fantasy of Japan proper.

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Posted 10 July 2017 - 10:23 AM

View PostRaiyuken, on 21 April 2014 - 02:06 AM, said:

Let me reiterate some things. YLW was incorrectly portrayed in MWO, as it is a Liao designed mech and has nothing to do with Kurita/Draconis even the name Yen Lo Wang is of Mandarin origin.

I know I'm cutting in the wrong language forum, but I was pretty curious since I will be using Davion versus Kurita in an upcoming battle short-story as a showcase to how I wish faction warfare/community warfare was like... (Also I had a question about a translation but will come back to that.)

The mention of the Yen Lo Wang in the overarching conversation here came from it someone pointing out that it has the Japanese naval flag of the rising sun. Please forgive my ignorance on what it is actually called if that is not its true name or use.

PGI got this concept from this image on Sarna.net which was made somewhere between 1996 and 2001.
Posted Image

However, regardless of that image and its concept misusing a symbol of Japanese culture on a heavily Chinese 'Mech...one of the earliest artworks of the Yen Lo Wang depicts this paintjob:
Posted Image
This image is from 1991 and the Solaris Box Set.

As such, I believe that the 1991 version here is perhaps the most proper portrayal of the Yen Lo Wang.


Now for my translation question.

English to Japanese.
Reactor, online.
Sensors, online.
Weapons, online.
All systems nominal.

I have two translations. I believe the difference is that one might have an incorrect syntax.
Translation 1:
Riakutā onrain.
Sensā onrain.
Buki onrain.
Subete no shisutemu wa kōshōdesu.
Translation 2:
onrain Riakutā.
onrain Sensā.
onrain Buki.
Subete no shisutemu wa kōshōdesu.

原子炉オンライン。オンライン センサー。オンラインの武器。すべてのシステムの公称。

Which is correct?

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