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Best Ballistic Mechs

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#1 SPAZZx7


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 02:37 AM

Well, I tend to favor the "Black sheep" mentality, and as a fairly new player, I dont think I've noticed anyone using many ballistic weapons, so, guess what im looking at...

Do they just suck, or are there many new players that have not discovered them yet? (I'm with the steam crowd)

What mechs and weapons should I look for as a new player, and what should I evolve into end game?

Most advice seems to point towards lasers for instant high burst damage, but im hoping ballistics are still viable, perhaps more of a lost art... I also read that you need more ballistic weapons, but the game seems to favor players with less weapons with more high damage. I dont really know what im talking about though, I read but dont understand the context really.

Any advice?

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#2 Raubwurst


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 03:17 AM

Hey there and "Welcome MechWarrior" o7
Ballistics are great. And in general there are no "good" oder "bad" weapons (maybe except the flamer... don't use it Posted Image )
Lasers and Missles are easier to use than most ballistics, that may be a reason, why you didn't see them much.

As a general wink of direction: Don't try to go into a specific direction with your first 'Mechs. The first thing you should try to do is using all of the TrialMechs (the ones you can use for free) and see which tonnageclass and which weapons suits you. There should be some with ballistics, e.g. the King Crab, although Assaults are quite difficult in the beginning.

It is true, that up to some weeks ago lasers had been quite dominating, but after the big rebalancing there are a lot of more weapon variety to be seen (but missles and ballistics had their place even when most used lasers).

In general you cannot say, that there are good and bas things in this game, it is more important how good you can handle a 'Mech or weapon, than how effective it is. (There are people out there, that can make 1k-1.5k damage in a DireWolf, but many others cannot get up to 500 damage).

Cannot say it too many times: You need to try out different 'Mechs and Weapons and after you got a feeling for them and can say, that you do far better with faster/slower 'Mechs and Missles/Lasers/Ballistics come back in here and tell us your experience. Then, we can take your preferences and see what 'Mech suits you the best Posted Image

Best of luck and fun o7

Edit: To answer the question of the headline:
The 'Mechs which are best for ballistics (out of my experience): 4UAC/5 King Crab, 2Gauss King Crab, 4AC/5 Cataphract 4X, "Dakka Dire"-Wolf

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#3 Rogue Jedi


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 03:36 AM

as a new player I strongly recommend trying all the trial Mechs and weapons, different people do well with different weapons and equipment, I can do ok with any weapon except the AC10 or PPC, but many people swear by those, I need a minimum of 75KPH to be effective but some are quite happy in the 55kph Dire Wolf.

the best Mechs are arguably the Clan Stormcrow and Timber Wolf, but pretty much any Mech can be effective in the right hands.

as for weapons, here is a brief breakdown,

Lasers fire a beam, you must hold the beam on target for its full burn time to deal full damage, small is very short range, medium is short to med range, large is short to long range, the medium does about twice the damage of the small, and the large does about twice the damage of the medium,

ER Lasers weigh the same, and do the same damage as regular lasers but do damage out to longer ranges with more heat and a longer burn time

Pulse Lasers have a shorter discharge time but weigh more and have a shorter range,

Flamers are probably the worst weapon in the game, they blind your enemy and apply heat to your enemy, but apply more heat to you, they are effective against unarmored components

PPCs fire a bolt of energy at the enemy, like ballistic shells they do have travel time,the standard PPC has a minimum range of 90m the ERPPC and regular PPC deal 10 damage, the Clan ERPPC deals 10 to the componant you hit + 2.5 damage each to 2 adjacent components

TAG, a laser pointer, helps you lock onto a target under ECM, and helps get a stronger missile lock, and speeds up lock time

missiles come in 4 basic versions,
NARC fires a missile, which provides a targeting beacon for 30 seconds provided it hits an enemy Mech

LRMs are guided Long Range Missiles, they have a max range of 1km, they can be dumb fired without a lock, if you fire with a lock they will track the target unless it breaks a lock, the Clan version is half the weight of the IS version and while the IS version has a minimum range of 180m the Clan missiles have scaling damage from 0-180 damage, so at 50m a Clan LRM will deal maybe 0.2 damage, the more tubes you fire at once the wider the spread, fire 40 missiles in a volley and some will miss even the largest Mechs, available in 5, 10, 15 and 20 tube variants.

SRMs, basically dumb fire rockets, the more you fire at once the more they will spread, low weight for potentialy high damage at short range, available with 2, 4, or 6 tubes

SSRMs are Streak Short Range Missiles, Streak means homing, you cannot fire them without a lock, if taking streaks it is best to also take an Active Probe or Beagle Active probe, otherwise an ECM will make you unable to use them, only available with 2 tubes for the IS but Clans get 2, 4, and 6 tube versons

Artemus is an upgrade for missiles, it speeds lock on for LRMs and SSRMs and tightens missile spread for LRMs and SRMs but requires you have line of sight on the target to get the benefits, adds 1 ton per launcher

Balistic weapons can be very good, but they weigh more than the other weapon types,

if you are in an Inner Sphere Mech the Autocannons and Ultra AC5 fire a single slug for their damage number, so an AC2 fires a shell for 2 damage, an AC20 does 20 damage. the larger the number the shorter range and lower velocity the projectile is,

for Clan Mechs the ACs fire multiple shells for a share of the total damage, so the Clan (U)AC2 fires 1 shell for 2 damage, the 5 fires 2 sor 2.5 damage each, the 10 fires 3 for 3.333 damage each, and the 20 fires 4 for 5 damage each.

ultra Autocannons can fire twice as fast as normal ACs but at the risk of jamming, the jam takes something like 10 seconds to clear, for the Clans the UAC is outright superior to normal ACs being cheaper and smaller, you have to keep tapping the fire button to get the faster rate of fire, if you just hold down fire it fires at the same rate as the regular AC

the LBX ACs are basically shotguns, they fire a cluster of pellets at the target, the pellets spread so at longer range some will probably miss, thus you will not deal full damage, the LBX is far more effective against unarmored components

the Machine Gun is extremely short range, and fires 10 "bullets" a second, each bulet deals .08 damage against armor however they are extremely good against structure, so against structure each bullet is capable of dealing 1 point of damage (if you get lucky)

the Gauss Rifle is probably the best ballistic weapon, it fires 1 high velocity shell for 15 damage, it still deals limited damage at 2km, this is balanced by a slow 5.5 second reload time and a charge up mechanic, you must hold the fire button down for 0.75 seconds to charge it, then you have 1.25 seconds to release the button to fire, if you do not release within that time you will loose the charge.

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#4 Herr Vorragend


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 03:55 AM

Don´t forget the double AC20 Jager and the double Gauss Jager. But those are mechs for a little more experienced players (because you are low on armor to carry those heavy guns) and the Gauss-Chargemechanic is strange at first.
But the Jager is very deadly in the right hands :)

#5 SPAZZx7


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 04:03 AM

I appreciate the advice, and I do try the test mechs, and I dont favor rockets, the dumb fire ones are fun, but I do not favor the lock on ones (Perhaps over time). It was not until today I even realized that there were ballistic weapons. I found a recent cannon fascinating compared to all the pew pew there was in comparison.

Is there any good ballistic handlers that are not heavy or assualt mechs. Most of the suggestions here, and from other search engines seem to be fit for pure alpha focused with heavy/assault mechs.

Is there any good medium or light mechs chassis to go from?

#6 Raubwurst


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 04:07 AM

Medium and Lights have the problem, that ACs are quite heavy.
There is an Enforcer who can do very well with dual UAC/5.
Of course (how could I have forgotten them) there are the Centurions (Medium 50 Tonns) who are quite funny with an AC/20.
Especially the YenLoWang (Hero Centurion) is great with an AC/20! (Although this variant needs to be bought with MC, as all Heroes)

#7 Rogue Jedi


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 04:20 AM

there are plenty of Mediums which do well with ballistics, the 40 ton Cicada has 2 variants which can take 1 big ballistic, it can even do a dual AC20 or dual Gauss loadout if you do not mind forgoing armor and speed and the ability to stay in the fight for more than 20 seconds,
the Blackjack has ballistic variants, the Hunchback, Centurion, Enforcer, Shadow Hawk, Shadow Cat and Stormcrow all have multiple variants able to take at least 1 ballistic weapon, if you want to jump with a ballistic then the Shadow Hawk or Shadow Cat are your best bets.

as for Lights, 3 Ravens, 2 Spiders, all Urbanmechs, a Locust, 2 Firestarters, 1 Panther, the Kit Fox, Artic Cheetah and Adder are all capable of taking ballistics, but in most cases you will have to compromise on ether speed or armor (often both) to fit a big ballistic

check out the Mechs on http://mwo.smurfy-net.de/mechlab

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#8 Elizander


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 04:26 AM

Easiest (I think) to use would be the Jagermech DD with 3 UAC5s. All you need to do after buying it is removing Ferro armor, get Double Heat Sinks, get Endo Steel and then put 3 UAC/5s and 8-10 tons ammo. The 260XL: engine it comes with is fine and doesn't need replacing. That's just me though. The mounts are high, the rate of fire is high, the heat is low, and the range and damage are all good.

Should look something like this - JM6-DD

If you want to test the UAC/5 weapon out, play the Trial King Crab (C). If you want to test the Jagermech high mounts and movement, go to the Mechwarrior Academy (tutorial) after clearing it and there should be a Jagermech with 2 Gauss Rifles there that you can test at the shooting range.

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#9 Chados


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 07:30 AM

I enjoy the Dragon for ballistics.

Fang has the AC10 Cooldown quirk and can cycle an AC10 like an AC5 when moduled out.
Flame can pack an AC20, I don't think any of the others can do that.
The 1C has global quirks including cooldowns that might mitigate the gauss rifle Cooldown nerf. I hate gauss because of the charge mechanic so I haven't tried this.
The 5N has a uAC5 jam chance reduction and some other uAC5/ballistic quirks that teams it interestingly with an AC2.
And the 1N can achieve a 40% Cooldown for the AC5 when moduled, a dual AC5 build set to chain fire cycles like a 40mm Bofors antiaircraft mount from World War II. Boomboomboomboomboomboom!

I forced a Dire Wolf to back off a ridge with the uAC/AC2 5N recently. They hate all that dakka in their face just as much as the rest of us do.

By the way, Elizander is right about the King Crab. The 4uAC version is dakka for DAYS. Hands down my best mech though one of my least played.

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#10 Not A Real RAbbi


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 07:46 AM


Dire Wolf
Ebon Jaguar
Timber Wolf
(In that order. Yes, I feel EBJ > TBR for BALLISTIC weapons.)

I prefer the EBJ mostly because of better geometry for the ballistic mounts. The RT ball. is a VERY high shoulder mount, and the arms are pretty wide. Great for hill humping and corner peeking. If you wanna face-hug with a ballistic heavy, then TBR is probably a better choice. DWF über alles, though, as ballistic Clanners go.


King Crab
Hunchback (GI, 4G/H)

Jager > Caraphract only because APE ARMS. The ballistic mounts on the CTF chassis are pretty low. Not a problem for face-hug brawling, but for the hill humping game it REALLY hurts. Otherwise, the CTF is a far superior mech.

Keep an eye on the forthcoming Clan HBK-II-C. Twin UAC/20s AND jump jets?! Gonna be NUTS!

#11 Herr Vorragend


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 07:58 AM

Another mech that handles ballistics well is the enforcer. A medium mech. Especially the 5p. Some would consider thus variant as a one-trick-pony, but it does this trick very well ;)

Here are my two fave builds on the enforcers.

Pulled 4 killls, 7 assists and a total of 774 dmg yesterday with it in one match.

Edit: important: deactivate armlock

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#12 Johny Rocket


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 09:08 AM

GL HF o7

No mention of the Mauler? 90t assault basically centered around Ballistics with a variety of missile and laser support weapons depending on variant.

Mal-MX90 is Dakka King

Its pay to play for the moment but the cb release should pretty well line up with when you have figured out the mechanics and gained some experience.

Lasers are easy because of burn duration you can turn a miss into a small damage hit by raking it over them. Ballistics as in real life a miss is a miss.

#13 Coralld


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 09:37 AM

Best ballistic mechs?
Here is a list of mechs that can perform well using Ballistics as their main weapons off the top of my head.

Kit Fox

Hunchback (4G/4H/GI)
Shadow Hawk
Shadow Cat
Storm Crow

Timber Wolf
Eben Jag

King Crab
Dire Wolf

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#14 Nerdboard


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 09:42 AM

Hello Rikkada,

ballistics are very much viable. Energy weapons are more popular and its easier to hit with them especially on long range engagements. There are however a lot of mechs which can do very well with ballistics. I could give you a full list if you want. Very strong ballistic mechs which would imo count as metamechs and can definitely be used in both public que and community warfare are:

Jagermech (JM6-DD) with triple U-AC/5,
Ilya Muromets (Cataphract Hero mech) with either triple U-AC/5 or triple AC/5,
Ebon Jaguar with dual U-AC/10 and 2 or 3 medium lasers (same can be build in the Timberwolf),
Hellbringer with dual U-AC/5, ECM and 4 medium lasers,
Mauler with 4 U-AC/5,
Banshee (BNC-3E) with 3 AC/5 and 2 PPC,
King-Crab with 4 U-AC/5,
Direwolf with massive amount of U-AC/5 or U-AC/10.

I would recommend trying to test as many of the trial mechs as possible before buying a mech. Most (not all!) of them have good builds now. You could for example right away try out the ballistic oriented King Crab. It is difficult to make weapon type recommendations since to some extent this is more personal flavour than actual ingame efficiency. If after playing with all the trial mechs you still feel like you are very unsure as to which weapons you like, then I would propose you buy either an Inner Sphere mech with different weapons types in the different variants or you buy a Clan mech which will allow you to test lots of different builds.

Ultimately go for a mech you think looks and feels cool. If there's several of those pick the one that is most versatile in terms of builds.

Hope this helps.

#15 Kristian Radoulov


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 11:06 AM

Mechs that do ballistics well. Dragon 1N, Ebon Jaguar, Jagermech, Direwolf, Marauder 3R, Wolverine 6R, Cataphract 3D and 4x, Orion V, Banshee 3E, Victor 9B, Warhawk A, Mauler, King Crab.

Realistically you should play the mechs that you like and fit your playstyle. The reason you do not see many ballistics is that though their DPS is higher than energy weapons, they require facetime to ramp that damage up and require players to lead their target at range. This is a problem when there are multiple mechs on the field and you are exposing yourself for prolong periods of time to multiple fields of fire.

You can also check out the videos I post on my Youtube Channel if you want to see what builds I use. Welcome to MWO, and I wish you the best. o7

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#16 Tarl Cabot


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 12:06 PM

Issue with ballistics, more so for IS mechs than Clan mechs, are several. Mostly humanoid mechs with low set hard points, especially arms that can not be raised, generally the need to equip IS-XL engines (but dies on loss of 1 side torso, unless C-XL, in a game with no actual engine crits) for both mech speed and weight savings and the low weapon velocity with exception of gauss rifle.

There are some mechs that are passable cause they hit that sweet spot that they are doable but could be better if the listed items were improved on.

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#17 Mechwarrior1441491


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 12:25 PM

JagerMech DD- UAC5 x3. Have fun.

#18 Not A Real RAbbi


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 01:20 PM

View PostRikkada, on 12 December 2015 - 02:37 AM, said:

Do they just suck, or are there many new players that have not discovered them yet? (I'm with the steam crowd)

Sorry I missed this earlier.

Ballistics do not suck. They're heavy, though, and don't exactly seem to make sense...

So, autocannons. The more damage one does, the shorter its range and greater its weight/space and less ammo/ton and slower projectile. AC/20 has the range of a medium laser, really, and stupid-slow projectiles. You only get 7 shots per ton of ammo, the thing takes up 10 critical slots, etc. Nice to have that pinpoint firepower, but you gotta face hug to use it. And there's NO chance you're getting it on your Locust (without some seriously troll build, I mean... DO NOT take that as 'Challenge Accepted', if you have any desire to retain your sanity). On the other hand, the AC/2 has ridiculous range, high rate of fire, only weighs 6 tons, gets 75 shots per ton of ammo (almost 11:1 ratio to the AC/20's ammo), and has a considerably higher projectile speed (last I checked, though they seem to tweak these things on a twice-daily basis).

Oh, but wait! THERE'S MORE! Try the Gauss rifle! Weighs about as much as an AC/20. Does 15 points of damage to the other's 20. BUT has the range of nearly an AC/2, gets 10 round of ammo per ton, but a pretty low rate of fire.

Oh, and those explode. But their ammo doesn't, unlike with ALL OTHER AMMO-FED WEAPONS. (PRO TIP: Some mechwarriors sandbag their empty critical slots with 1/2-ton Gauss ammo units, even when they have no Gauss weapon equipped, in order to protect other sensitive equipment from critical damage.) That's right. The Gauss rifle ITSELF may EXPLODE when destroyed by critical hit. It's actually pretty rad to watch.

What's that? Why yes, there IS more! The MACHINE GUN! Gets like 2,000 rounds per ton of ammo (at 0.1 damage per round), with a fire rate of 10 rounds/second, IIRC. That fits right into the old TT BattleTech standard of 1 damage per turn. They're also COMPLETELY HEAT-FREE, and MG rounds have ridiculous bonuses to critical damage. They also weight 0.5 tons each. Get this: TWO MGs throws down the same TT-value damage as an AC/2, but weight 5 tons less and get to fire about 14 times longer. That's not the WHOLE picture (DPS being DPS, and all), but it DOES kinda throw BALLISTIC weapon balance a little sideways. Oh, and MG range is REALLY short.

Speaking of DPS, there are ULTRA autocannons. First, the UAC/5. Look, the AC/5 is THE ubiquitous autocannon. It's the ONE. It's standard on the primary variants of the Marauder and Rifleman, two ICONIC BT battlemechs. Heck, Shadow Hawk and Wolverine, too. So, someone somewhere along the line picked up the UAC/5 (was this not between 3025 and 3026 rules, or is my childhood THAT MANY beers ago?). It is an AC/5 with DOUBLE the fire rate, but a chance to JAM when firing at that increased rate. Basically, all the good things of the AC/5, DOUBLED, at the cost of an extra ton and critical slot, and the risk of a jam. They ARE dakka. Brutal, I say.

Oh, and don't forget the redheaded stepchild of IS autocannons, the LB-10X autocannon. We're ignoring lore here, BTW, just a little. LB-X autocannons fire clustered munitions that act basically as shotgun pellets. GIANT EXPLOSIVE shotgun pellets, sure. Similar to an AC/10, but with a little greater range, the LB-10X isn't all that popular. The regular AC/10 isn't, either. :-/ The devs gave the LB-10X pellets some bonuses to critical somethingorother. (I have a Handsome Jack quote for this, but you might not take it as well as I intend.)

And then, there came the CLANS. They get an LB-X and UAC version of ALL FOUR classes of autocannon (2, 5, 10, 20), a smaller/lighter EVERY ballistic weapon (yes, even Gauss, and MGs are now .25 tons for them).

Basically, ballistics are the most complicated of the three types of weapons. Like missiles, they require ammo. Like energy weapons, they are all direct-fire, with unguided projectiles. They are the HEAVIEST weapons (save for the almost-useless MGs) in the game. Their damage usually tends to be fully front-loaded, hit-or-miss stuff, unlike lasers. They're INTERESTING and CHALLENGING.

Have fun with ballistic weapons!

#19 MechaBattler


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Posted 12 December 2015 - 02:03 PM

Enforcer 5P runs dual UAC5. It has a quirk for reducing jam chancing. So RNGesus is more often on your side.

The Shadow Hawk can also run high ballistics in a 55 ton package. I still run the 2H with dual AC5s and a PPC. Do some poptarting with it. Although I've never been good at poptarting. It's still a decent performer.

#20 SPAZZx7


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Posted 13 December 2015 - 09:09 PM

Hey Fella's, just came by to give an update.

I went with the JM6-S Jagermech (For the 15% increased ballistic firerate) and im loving it.

Built a 4 AC/5 sniper mech, Its fun, its a support bot, sniper varient. Keep back with the pack and rain hell, Dont let lights get behind you because thats its achelee's heel.

I call it the Vulcan Variant. Its a sniper support mech, front loaded armor, 73.5 speed.

Its great at harassing opponents and dealing high damage at close range. (It has a long cooldown, and cannot sustain being a front line combatant without support)

It has two weaknesses, is low ammo count, and front loaded armor. You have to reserve your shots and make sure they count, or its better not to shoot at all.

Its front loaded armor can make it an easy target for lights if your alone, but its not meant to be played alone so if you do, your doing it wrong. Keep an extra eye out for flanking targets, if they do flank you, you are forced to engage or retreat, any other option leads to death.

It has great alpha, and can sustain volley fire up to 18 shots in 24 seconds without overheating causing 360 damage if all hit at close range. Keep in mind if you do that, you just spent 1/3 of your ammo (But even after that you better get your booty out of there because that's a long cool down) I've out damaged assault bots 1v1 that are too dumb to move around. Still though, be extra careful because a sneaky light can ruin your whole day, situation awareness is key in this mech.


Extra stuff I've learned about ballistic weapons so far.

Was completely right on ballistic weapons not making since.

The larger the caliber, the less range they have, It should be the opposite. That's why I use ac-5 and not ac-10.
The longest range non gauss rifle is a shot gun... I kid you not, a shot gun has more damage at range than the non gauss ballistics...

I cant comprehend, I guess its a balance feature so you dont snipe people... I mean, its fun because it gets there attrition and makes them freak out for a sec and run off, but its damage is so spread out its worthless at range.

Anyway, the AC/5 is the best dakka, as it has a lowest re-fire time from what i have gathered so far, something that is not displayed among the statistics is the fire rate, learned that the hard way...
(Edit: It does display the statistic, as (Cooldown: 1.66sec) Which is odd phrasing, I just overlooked it.


Now I feel obligated to state the things I've discovered that makes me want to spend money just to avoid the bullcrap, or stop playing (Because I hate supporting bad mechanics)

For one, unless I'm to dumb to figure it out.

You cant buy stripped mechs, thats my first peeve. Money is too hard to get for me get to be wasting my cash on crap I already got, or ant going to use because what I'm going to use is ballistic weapons. (Which I already have a good amount of)

The second is the mech upgrade system. (I admit I bought that XL engine on accident, I thought It was an adjustable engine, that was an assumption, that's on me)

But the "Furro" armor system is downright misleading. I bought the steel, thinking that I own the upgrade, only to downgrade and get the "Furro" thinking that I still owned the "Steel Upgrade" and ended up finding out it does not increasing my armor strength passively, while technically correct, its a misleading phrase that costed me a million credits (Keep in mind im a new player, thats alot to me) just to spend another million to upgrade back to the steel.

(I was fairly upset at losing a days play of credits, so I decide to purchase some in game points to make my day a bit easier)

I transferred some exp to get that sniper scope, that to be honest, is a piece of crap because it does not reduce sensitivity, and its not a proper zoom in as it just zooms in on the screen, meaning its a low resolution image.
I have to use an external program to do what the game fails to do, create a good sniping mechanic.

So I halfway wasted 2 million credits just to upgrade the thing on my robot... I'll just chalk that up to a drop in the bucket... Its fairly nice after the external program fix. But the zoom in- feature. The fact that it zooms in on a lower resolution is pretty cheap... I dont know what to think about that, I guess it makes since, but not if its a 2 million upgrade, 2 million should afford a better camera for the mech.

That being said, the biggest annoyance is that fact that dont think I can buy a stripped mech. That alone is probably enough in the long run to make me quit. A new player should be able to cross chassy his equipment to other mechs until he can afford to outfit them all. It makes the grind too hard for new players, and I like to think I'm a reasonable guy.

They only other thing I can think of to make the game more appealing to new players is change change the "Camo spec" paint shop so it allows more basic colors to be purchased by in game credits, making it more new player friendly. They have a few basic drab colors, but its not appealing enough for the price, they should 1/4 the price of them to make a new player friendly/entice them to experiment, then add more less drab colors at more expensive price to get them drooling for the flashier stuff. I might as well stick with what I got as it is.

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