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Posted 02 July 2016 - 09:36 AM

4th Tau Ceti Rangers Establish Supply Chain for War Against the Clans

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In support of Operation: Frontline, the Capellan Confederation is providing supplies and logistics to mercenary units fighting on the Clan front. To further the goals of the entire Inner Sphere, Chancellor Romano Liao has selflessly accepted responsibility for channeling food and materiel necessary to sustain the mercenary forces holding back the Clans.

Many of these supplies are shipped through the provincial capital of Sarna from surrounding worlds such as Sakhalin, Kaifeng, and Truth. In order to ensure their prompt delivery, Chancellor Liao has graciously delegated the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers (4TCR) to administer these producers of food and minerals for the Inner Sphere. Truth rejoined the Sarna Commonality on July 2, 3051, in a celebration of the commencement of Operation: Frontline, a joint Inner Sphere mission against the Clans. Sakhalin and Kaifeng rejoined the Capellan Confederation a week earlier.

Having established a secure supply chain, the 4TCR will now shift all of its considerable fighting power to the Clan front, supporting its close allies against the Jade Falcons.

The Celestial Wisdom has expressed her deep regrets at the loss of Freedom to the Jade Falcons. Freedom and other planets have been continuously lost by the Federated Commonwealth, as they seem incapable of slowing the Clan juggernaut. It is the hope of all Capellans that with the support of 4TCR and other House Liao units, the advance of Jade Falcon can be slowed, if not stopped completely.

Previous to the Fourth Succession War, Sakhalin, Kaifeng and Truth were governed by House Liao. It is hoped that the return of these planets to the Capellan Confederation represents a new period of peace and cooperation between the Successor States of the Inner Sphere. The vast mineral deposits of Sakhalin and the agricultural riches of Kaifeng and Truth provide valuable contributions to the joint effort against the Clans.

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Posted 29 July 2016 - 09:04 PM

Thanks 4TCR, we have always been able to trust you for this mission.

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