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Feedback On Vitric Forge

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#1 Imigo Montoya


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Posted 15 September 2016 - 11:57 PM

1. shorten the time to move from attacker spawn to the gate area a bit by removing some parts from E7-E8 and F7-F8 or move the spawns a bit into this area.

2. give us more space to move in F4-D4, the area is to cramp with buildings and there should be an easy way to move from E3 to D3 for both teams.

3. flaten the building in F5, the building is used by jump snipers but there is no way to get up there without using a ridiculus long way for the defender. lower the building or change it a bit so it is easier to move up there. i like the option to use the building for both sides, but it shuold bee easier to use.

4. use the F2-E2 crater as the only dropzone for defender and E9 for attacker

5. move the building in G4 (the one with three parts) a bit more to G3 so there is a bigger brwaling area in front of the building and the defender needs to be more aggressive and could not wait near Omega all the time.

6. flaten the way from F3 to E3, this will give both attacker and defender more room to fight and less time to walk.

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