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Heat Buildup Instead Of Energy Draw

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Posted 11 November 2016 - 11:08 AM

Instead of ghost heat, instead of energy derp, we could have internal heat build-up.

This would be where there exists an inverse bar of the energy derp bar, and instead of adding heat this bar builds up every time you exceed an alpha damage cap (30 damage, possibly, or other values)

This bar cools down over time, but can be frozen by consecutive energy derps.

What this bar does:

For energy weapons, the total damage dealt by energy weapons is reduced by 2x the bar's value in percent full. This means at 50% heat buildup, the focusing arrays for the energy weapons are too ****** to use and you need to stop alphaing like a monkey hammering a banana button for a few seconds.

For missile and ballistic weapons, this is a % chance of a related ammo bin cooking off when you use a ballistic or missile weapon. 25% and below, there is 0 chance. Starting at 25%, there is a 5% chance when using a ballistic or missile weapon, and this increases at the same rate the bar does, up to a maximum of a 75% chance at 100% bar.

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