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Rising Free Falcons Are Recruiting!

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#1 Ximenett


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Posted 11 December 2016 - 01:35 AM

I created a new unit of the house Marik named: Rising Free Falcons.

If every new player want to join to my unit,just add Ximenett to ur friends list or post here and i'll add u to my friends list and later to the unit.

I'm loyalist to Marik faction,and here are few conditions to join:

-Not be a rat kid.
-This unit is international so everyone can join.
-The oficial language of the unit it's English.
-Chat only,no TS/Raidcall. (I'm Spanish,i don't understand English speaked and my computer have sound card problems)
-We are loyalist to house Marik so ideas like "we can be mercs???" or "we can change to other faction after a while???" just no please.
-All mechs allowed. (I.S or Clan Atm)
-PUGs only. (Atm)
-The oficial color of the unit gonna be the basic purple (u can buy it with 1.250.000 C-Bills but it's optional atm)
-First pilots shouldn't get the command of the unit because "i'm an expert and i have a lot of mechs"

I have a little experience with the game on PUGs. I never tryed a faction war. So this unit is for everyone new to the game. My experience it's with all weapons on all tonnages. But i created this new account for start from 0.

Actually my first and only mech is the Stalker 5M but i'm planning to get the other 2 and master the mech.

If u are a new player and want to join to a Marik faction,this unit is for you.

The first pilots to join,should get the best unit rank i have,second on command and major part of rights.

I have a special rank for pilots who are very skilled. Name of the rank: Specialist,and have the same rights as the second on command.

Remember that in faction wars caused this unit faction you can only use Inner Sphere mechs.

Hopefully u like this unit!!! Be a Falcon and see u on battlefield!!!

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#2 Ximenett


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Posted 11 December 2016 - 12:39 PM

The unit has been disbanded due to low interest of people.

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