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Dead-Fire Missiles

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DF-LR-Missile Launcher?

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#1 Karl Streiger


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Posted 09 January 2017 - 11:30 PM

TLDR - we can't have MRMs because of timeline™ reason

Add Dead Fire Missie Launcher- those are simple LRM or SRM launchers without any guidance but with more hitting power. (OK first we might need guidance for SRMs but different story) Maybe just add DF LRMs not DF SRMs.

LRM racks seems to be the only "real" option when you only have one missile hardpoint. But a single LRM rack need a complete different playstyle and is hardly a good combination for AC10s or PPCs (oh it works, but its a realy hard combination - getting lock AND aiming in the same instance)
Hands down SRMs start to be adequate when your volley count at least 12 or more missiles. Not going to work with a single missile hardpoint.

So the DF "rockets" would allow Mechs like Archer or Zeus to keep the large LRM Launcher but give them some medium range punch without the need to "lock" a target.

DF Rockets will give some more punch - spread could be similar to LBX 10 speed slightly increased but far from the velocity of the LBX (250m/s) - max range 640m. This make sure that even if you hit a target those missiles will hit all over the enemy mech.
  • dmg per missile 1.5
  • Speed: 250m/s
  • spread -similar to LBX10 or slightly worse
  • max range 640m
  • minimal range 90m

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