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Cwx 1V1 Tournament This Saturday!

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#1 InnerSphereNews


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Posted 13 April 2017 - 10:53 AM

What: Free-to-enter Mechwarrior Online 1v1 tournament on Steiner Coliseum, with lots of prizes! Best-of-three, single elimination!

When: 1200 PST Saturday 15 Apr 17

Where: CWX Discord

Registration: CWX Event Registration is open until 2359 PST (11:59 pm) 14 Apr 2017

All pilots MUST report to event administrators on Discord by 1130 PDT Saturday 15 Apr 2017. Instructions for reporting will be posted in the Discord tournament announcements. Failure to report on time will result in immediate disqualification.

Each competitor will receive two days of Premium Time and a chance to win one Roughneck standard pack!
The primary prize structure is as follows:

Tier 1
1st Place: 7500 MC
2nd Place: 5000 MC
3rd Place: 3500 MC
4th Place: 2500 MC
5th Place: 2000 MC
6th Place: 1500 MC
7th Place: 1000 MC
8th Place: 500 MC

Tier 2
1st Place: 3000 MC
2nd Place: 2500 MC
3rd Place: 2000 MC

Tier 3
1st Place: 2500 MC
2nd Place: 2000 MC
3rd Place: 1500 MC

Tier 4
1st Place: 2000 MC
2nd Place: 1500 MC
3rd Place: 1000 MC

Tier 5
1st Place: 1500 MC
2nd Place: 1000 MC
3rd Place: 500 MC

*If there are less than two (2) participants in a given tier bracket, then no MC will be awarded. If there are less than ten (10) participants in a given tier bracket, then the prize for that tier bracket will be reduced to 500 MC for first place only.

Challenges! (500 MC each)
Most Damage
Least Damage
Fastest match
Victory with the greatest weight disadvantage

Format: Competitors will compete only in their specific Pilot Skill Rating (tier) bracket. Before each match, competitors will contact their opponent (in Discord [Required]) and arrange a tonnage agreement. Either pilot may use any mech of any tonnage, so long as both pilots accept the arrangement. In the case that the pilots cannot agree on tonnages, then they will both pilot a stock trial mech decided by the match official at the time of the match; efficiencies will be ignored. There will be NO scheduling leniency for ‘mechlab reconfiguration during the best-of-three rounds. Once registration is closed (1159pm PST Friday, 14 Apr 2017), a bracket will be arranged and published through challonge.com (link will be posted in Discord). Pilots MUST contact their opponent to arrange tonnage agreements for each round in their match as soon as the bracket is published. Please pay attention to the brackets during the tournament; pilots will need to play another match to determine MC reward order should they place in the top 8 (if T1) or top 3 (if T2-T5).

No Streak SRMs
No Flamers

The event will be broadcast live at https://twitch.tv/cerridwynskeep
During the final round of the event, there will be a Roughneck standard pack given away in the twitch chat. There may also be other prizes given away in twitch chat throughout the event.

The official communications platform for the event is the CWX Discord (text channel: #tourney_announcements and #tournament). All competitors are required to have Discord and be connected to the CWX Community Discord Server. If one does not have an account, registration is free. Click the link below to gain access to the server.

All questions, concerns, and/or disputes will fall under the ruling of the tournament officials; all outcomes of which are final.

#2 Kakia


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Posted 14 April 2017 - 12:49 PM

I'm looking forward to the 1v1 tournament as a viewer and as a participant.

#3 -Spectre


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Posted 14 April 2017 - 05:42 PM

Really wish I could participate. I have to work then, though :'(

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