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A Mercenary Drabble

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Posted 16 April 2017 - 07:52 AM

The dropship streaked through the atmosphere toward another backwater world on the edge of Lyran Commonwealth space. Its belly held a 4 mechs a full lance of deadly war machines. This lance was commanded by Commandant Klaus Von Sturkenstien call sign 'Papa Khan' the four mech's dropped from the bay and landed on the ground with a thud. Klaus' mech was a heavily modified Banshee painted in matte black with a head as white as snow. The mechs skull like visage was intimidating. The mouth of the skull held a small pulse laser. His center torso held his massive but lightweight XL 380 engine. His left torso housed a 105mm Ac/10. His left arm housed a powerful particle projection cannon or PPC. His right torso housed a single LRM 15. As well as a medium pulse laser. And his right arm housed a powerful large pulse laser. The custom 95 ton assault mech was an old but powerfully upgraded machine, it was well armored and its light weight engine and endo steel internal structure allowed for its massive weapon load out and a rather brisk speed for its size of 64.8 kph. His three lance mates and his younger brothers Adam, Dean, and Sam piloted lighter machines.

Dean piloted the next heaviest mech in their lance a 90 ton Highlander. It had been their mothers mech, painted in a dark pink with black stripes a set of loud speakers ringed the cockpit and blared loud rock music any time the piolt scored a kill. Dean had customized the mech with A powerful Gauss rifle in the right arm and a trio of large pulse lasers in the left. It was more maneuverable than Klaus' mech due to its jump jets but it was slower only reaching a top speed of 54.8 kph propelled by a XL 330 engine.

Adam the youngest piloted a 55 ton shadow hawk, a nimble medium battle mech. It stood in stark contrast to his older siblings monstrous assault mechs it moved at a relatively fast 81 kph. Fitted with a XL 275 engine. It was armed with a LRM 20, an Ultra autocannon 5 capable of double the rate of fire of a standard model, albeit with an added chance of jamming. A single medium laser and a head mounted streak SRM 2 rounded out the weapon load out.

Finally Sam piloted a 75 ton Black Knight armed for close combat with 8 medium pulse lasers and a massive XL 385 engine prpelling the mech at 82 kph.

"Alright boys. Lets form up and get this patrol started. We aren't getting paid to stand around looking pretty." Klaus said easing the throttle forward the massive mech marched forward his lance mates falling into formation with him. The terrain was mostly gently rolling hills with an occasional small forest. The grass and the leaves of the trees were a mix of purples and reds giving the world a distinctively alien appearance.

"Contact!" Adam called "Two vultures bearing two-eight-zero." The shout was followed by salvo of missiles aimed at the Banshee. Klaus cursed as the incoming missile alarm blared. He twisted his torso hard to the left to reduce the surface area the missiles could actually hit. Most missed and impacted the ground infront of him blasting small craters into the ground. Only a few impacted rocking the assault mech slightly, but doing little more than crack a bit of armor off his arm.

"Spread out!" Klaus barked the four Innersphere Mech warriors spread out in a wide diamond formation kicking their throttles forward to close with the two clan heavy mechs. Klaus swung his crosshair over one of the Vultures and snapped off a shot from his PPC when it changed to gold. The bolt of energy smashed into the shoulder of the Clan mech, causing it to rock violently from the impact its armor turning to slag. A shrill beep alerted Klaus his missles were locked and he let loose a volley of LRMs. Most of them hit their mark a follow up salvo of missiles from Adam's shadow hawk caused the clan mech to stumble under the weight of fire arrayed against it. The two clan omni mechs returned fire with their large pulse lasers, The Banshee's damage display flashed showing armor melting off across the torso of the 95 ton mech. A loud crack from Dean's gauss rifle was followed by a blaring guitar riff, one of the Vultures fell it's cockpit shattered a headshot.

"Fine shooting Dean." Klaus muttered to himself. Three more clan mechs joined the fray a moment later. A trio of Stormcrows charged in, the Stormcrow was a 55 ton mech. The work horse of the clan forces, its default configuration consisted of a dangerous array of lasers. They ran hot but were deadly at mid to long range.

"Full clan star engaged." Sam said calmly as one of the stormcrows attempted to swing wide around in a flanking attempt. A punishing volley from Sam's medium pulse lasers snapped one of the medium mechs arms clean off it fell to the ground in a shower of sparks and a plume of smoke. The stromcrow raked Sam's mech with Laser fire as the two danced around each trying to out manuver the other. Adam jumped onto the crest of nearby hill utilizing his jump jets and slammed the stormcrow with a volley of autocannon rounds. Dean snapped the stormcrow's remaining arm off with a burst from his pulse lasers. The stormcrow retreated to lick it's wounds ducking into a copse of trees. Meanwhile Klaus used the rolling hills for cover and closed within optimal range with the remaining Vulture that had been peppering them with missile fire. He lets loose with all of his weapons in a full alpha strike the temprature in the cockpit spiked the the heat warning blared. The already damaged mech was rocked by the weapon impacts, its left torso sheared off by a well placed shot from Klaus' pulse lasers and autocannon. The PPC and salvo of missiles pierced the mechs center torso destroying the engine. The pilot ejected as the mech toppled in a smoking ruin. The battle turned into rout after thatthe clan star having lost their heaviest mech and their other being heavily damaged. The three stormcrows are knocked out by the mercenaries concentrated fire after an hour long engagement and a long chase. Adam's mech sustained the most damage. Loosing both arms and a good portion of its armor. Dean's mech loses a lot of leg armor jumping from a hilltop and crushing one of the stormcrows in a classic highlander buiral. Klaus is proud of his brothers they fought well. They would be well payed and hopefully gets some damn fine salvage.

"Alright boys lets call it a day get salvage in here. Should be a pretty good haul" Klaus says wiping the sweat from his brow and lighting up a cigar.

"Hey Klaus if that vulture Dean shot in the face is salvageable can i have it?" Adam asked hopefully

"Tired of piolting Sam's hand me down mech kiddo?" Klaus teased exhaling a plume of smoke that was quickly sucked out of the cockpit by the Banshee's air filtration system.

"Could always stick him back in the Urban Mech." Dean chuckled

"Hey that urban mech won me the Solaris 7 light mech championship in 3049, you shut your ***** mouth." Klaus growled no one dissed his trashcan of doom.

"Would you three can it some of us are still working." Which meant Sam was probably in the middle of getting them another contract already. Seriously the guy was all work no play.

"Well excuse us for having a brotherly banter princess Samantha. Adam if you want the dirty clanner mech you can have it. But you will probably never get the smell of jade turkey out of it."

"Cant smell any worse than Sam's funky air fresheners. Seriously this cockpit reeks." Adam grumbled under his breath.

"I heard that *******."

"Papa Kahn, this is Walsh salvage is incoming estimate three hours." The twin dropships flew over the horison one landing to unload the salvage team and the other to take their mech's back to base.

"Good I'm getting sick of this planet. I'll be glad when this contract is up."

"Roger that lead."

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