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What If Ssrms, Had Lbx Levels Of Crit Chance?

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Poll: what if SSRMs, had LBX levels of Crit Chance? (16 member(s) have cast votes)

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#1 Andi Nagasia

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Posted 17 August 2017 - 08:49 AM

what if SSRMs, had LBX levels of Crit Chance & Damage?

right now SSRMs are kinda in weapon Limbo,
much like MGs and Flamers used to be, they are ok for 1 Job,
but vastly inferior in all others and not worth having,

but what if you gave SSRMs(which currently have 0% Crit Chance)
the same Crit Change and Multiplyer as LBX line of weapons?

=Current LBX Crit Chance=
LBX Crit Damage(1Damage/Pellet)
1st Crit (14% Chance) (x2Damage)
2nd Crit (8% Chance) (x4Damage)
2nd Crit (3% Chance) (x6Damage)

=SSRM Crit Chance Concept=
SSRMS(2Damage/Missile) @LBX Crit Levels,
1st Crit (14% Chance) 4Damage/Missile,
2nd Crit (8% Chance) 8Damage/Missile,
2nd Crit (3% Chance) 12Damage/Missile,

Now as you cant aim at open(armor less) locations, this will keep it from being too powerful,
normally SSRMs will spread across a mech, each aiming for one of the 7 Target-able areas,
(their are 8 areas on a mech but as SSRMs cant target the head, theirs is 7 Target-abe)

i feel this would turn SSRMs into more Close Quarter Brawl Assist weapons,
much like more MGs or LBX, the catch being the greater chance to hit with them,
and as a Volley of SSRM6s is veyr much likely to hit all but 1 location,
hitting an open location is much more likely,


Thoughts, Comments, Concerns?

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