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First Clan Mech

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#1 DieRegteRatel


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Posted 14 September 2017 - 10:47 PM

Good day guys,

I have been agonizing over getting my first clan mech and can't decide between the Mad Cat MkII and the Linebacker so I though I'd source some other opinions.

But first some background on my aesthetic and play-style preferences:

Aesthetics: I have a *very* strong leaning towards chicken walkers like the Marauders and Bushwackers over standard legs like those of the Atlas and Rifleman. This definitely plays a huge role in my decision making when getting new mechs.

Play-style: I tend to prefer Assault and Heavy mechs centered around mid-range ballistics/energy builds (My current main is an almost maximum armour, 360std engine KGC-000B with dual RAC/5's for dmg output and a ppc for harassing/ecm denial). Saying this though I do have at least one mech in my collection for most major accepted play/build styles.

This brings me to my problem: I have zero experience with custom clan tech builds and would just like a few opinions on what clan mech to lean towards...

Thanks in advance! Posted Image

#2 Tesunie


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Posted 14 September 2017 - 11:19 PM

This depends upon what you are looking to get out of your mech.

The Madcat MKII is still on "purchase package only" status, meaning you will currently have to spend real money to get it "now". Or you can wait for a few months for it to be released for C-bills. It's a rather fastish assault from what I can tell with reasonable hit boxes and hard point locations. It's not an Omni-mech, meaning it will act more like your IS Battlemechs when it comes to customization options that you are already use to.

The Linebacker though is a different beats altogether. As far as heavy mechs go, it's a very fast heavy mech, moving at 97 KPH base excluding skill potential. It can pack a punch, but it does pay for that speed in a large engine size. So if you are looking for more hit and run, this mech could work for you. It's also an Omni-mech, meaning you can change out the pods to adjust your hardpoints, presenting more of an option on what you can place into it. It's also out for C-bills.

Though it's an older classic, have you considered mechs such as the Ebon Jaguar and TImberwolf? Each are solid mechs in their own rights and you can do almost anything with them. If you are looking for Chicken-walker mechs, the Mad Dog also comes to mind for a more missile/energy centric design.

The Marauder IIC is also a clan Battlemech (not an Omni-mech) that may interest you. It can be a fast assault mech if desired, has good hit boxes, reasonable hard points and can even get JJs on it if that's your thing.

Without knowing more about your play style and combat preferences, I can't really suggest much else. Right now, between the Madcat MKII and the Linebacker... You really only can choose the Linebacker unless you want to spend real money into this game. The Madcat MKII isn't released until Feb 6th for C-bills.

#3 DieRegteRatel


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Posted 15 September 2017 - 12:00 AM


[color=#959595]Without knowing more about your play style and combat preferences, I can't really suggest much else.[/color]

Sorry, Could have elaborated more.

With my KGC I tend towards spearheading and brawling as most mechs can't really stand toe-to-toe with her for long in my experience (since putting the RAC's on I have only had trouble with other KGC's, Direwolves and a rather obnoxious laser-vomit Kodiak). I think of her as my "bully" mech.
With my MAD-3R, I go more for flanking and break-throughs. She is surprisingly tough and durable and, coupled the the mean punch her dual LB10-X's and quad med pulse lasers pack, she can do real damage to an opposing backline. I think of her as my "raider".

These two are by far my favourite roles/preferences in games. That being said, there are only two play-styles I have found less than enjoyable in MWO: Laser vomit and SRM spam. I don't really like the Alpha Strike style of the laser vomit builds and SRM spam simply irks me for some reason.

My other main mechs:
Cicada 3M: Stealth Armour/ECM, TAG, ER-PPC.
Stalker 3F: LRM's, ER-Large Lasers
Bushwaker X1: MG's, Snub-nose PPC, MRM's
I love these beauties as well, the two I described above are just my favourites.

On the mech pack question: I was actually looking to buy a mech pack, hence the hesitation. I don't want to buy a pack without some serious consideration. If I was simply going to get the mech with cbills, there wouldn't be a problem. Posted Image
I am actually almost saved up for a Ebon Jaguar or MAD-IIC, though I doubt I'll get the MAD-IIC as the IS MAD just looks better.

edit: I hate JJ's, I've killed myself way to often trying to be cool with them. And the temptation to be cool with them is very real.

edit 2: And your "limited" advice is awesome. I wonder what advice you would have given me if I had provided better initial information.

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#4 Tesunie


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Posted 15 September 2017 - 09:11 AM

View PostDieRegteRatel, on 15 September 2017 - 12:00 AM, said:

Sorry, Could have elaborated more.

Do recall that Clan mechs have different tech, so you wont have MRMs nor RACs available to you. Keep that in mind here, so you wont get an exact replication of those play styles.

The best Linebacker build in the game currently is an SRM build, but I've also good performance from a dual ERPPC and dual SRM4 Linebacker Prime personally, if you wanted something different. Honestly, though I like the Linebacker from previous BT experience and it's looks, I didn't have much like with it personally. If you can find a weapon loadout that works though, it sounds like you should be able to work it similar to your MAD. However, it will not have the weight for dual LB10s... So that may be a dampener for you there. It pays for that very large engine, but makes for an excellent striker and hit and run mech. It also has good health quirks (depending upon which omni-pods you select). (I also have one that does an LRM30 and 4 ERML build, similar to my Huntsmen, just grounded and faster. Stats say it has better results than it felt like it did when playing...)
I will also mention specifically again that the Linebacker is already out for C-bills. So I wouldn't spend money on it as a pack unless you want the Hero variant as well.

I do not own the Madcat MKII. So I can't say much about that. I'm also not much of an assault pilot and perform better in mediums and select heavies personally. So I can't give you any personal experiences from that. It seems to be a solid mech from what I've noticed fighting against them. They aren't an Omni-mech, which means you can adjust things such as engine size and FF as needed. However, your Hard Points are locked (much like how your IS mechs already are). From what I saw, it's got a good mix of weapons on it and can be fairly speedy. It will have access to the Clan XL engine, which means you can make it speedy and effective. It can have JJs (though you don't need to have them on, plus JJs on assaults are questionable in usefulness unless you max the JJ skills out). It appears that most of it's hard points are rather high mounted, making it typically a better mech by most people's standards.

If you want to buy a pack between the Linebacker and the Madcat MKII, this is an easy choice. Purchase the Madcat MKII. It isn't out for C-bills yet and isn't expected to be in the game for a few more months. You get more for your money at that point, because you can't get it any other way at the moment. It's also an assault, and I would imagine it should fill in the same combat roles you already do with the Marauder and/or Kingcrab, as well as could do other roles if desired.

For other options, you could always look into the Mad Dog at some point. You can do dual UAC5s and SRMs readily enough. Or even the six LRM5s and two to four ERMLs (the more common build), though I prefer my dual LRM20s and four ERMLs. A good mix of long range support and direct fire. (I also am what one would consider a front line LRMer. I'm never in the back and always shoulder to shoulder with my team. I enjoy it.) Of course, I also have an Ebon Jaguar as well with dual LB10s, dual ERMLs and dual ERSLs (due to heat concerns) that could play just like your Marauder... A build that could be reflected on the Timberwolf as well as the Hellbringer. I only mention the Hellbringer because it can do it, though it is not a chickenwalker. There is also the Supernova (I know little about it) and of course the Marauder IIC, which probably could also perform in the manner you desire.

(And yes, I get it. I too don't want to purchase mechs I don't like the looks of. I personally love mechs much like the Huntsmen in look, as well as have a fondness for Chickenwalkers. Then again, I have some mechs that are just nestelgic (spelling?) for me, such as the Linebacker and Summoner. This is from back in the card game for Battletech.)

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you are purchasing the pack for the possibility of the Clan pack loyalty reward? If so, than you have until November before you need to commit. I also would mention, are you willing to wait for your mech? You could always (it is a bit of a gamble though) prepurchase a mech pack that isn't in the game yet at all. You can wait to see what possible packs could be announced before that deadline. If you do that, then you can also get the early adopter's rewards, typically a camo pattern, some colors, a few decals and some C-bills. Though I can't make recommendations on those packs (obviously) because they haven't been announced...

#5 DieRegteRatel


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Posted 15 September 2017 - 10:59 AM

Thanks for the advice!

I know I can't get RAC's on a clan mech but that is precisely why I want to branch out into clan tech. New experiences and styles that I might not have tried otherwise. I've gotten into a bit of a comfort zone as far as IS tech is concerned.

I actually hadn't considered the loyalty reward at all seeing as I'm already getting the one mech I wanted from it.

I'll go for the linebacker for cbills and get the Mad Cat pack. The Linebacker's speed is the deciding factor as far as the cbill options go I think (I already have plans for a UAC/ATM build). Those ATM's look like they could be as fun as MRM's, and some of the MC's I've seen have actually stood against my KGC quite respectably (a big positive for them in my book).

Plus, I have already started looking at the Nightstar as well for a pack. That thing is just bloody gorgeous! I just need to see it in game first.

Thanks again Tesunie, you cleared up a lot of my confusion. Posted Image

#6 Mercworks


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Posted 16 September 2017 - 09:29 AM

It sounds like your style is way more "in your face brawling" than most. I think you'd like the Mad Cat II or the Scorch (Marauder II) better than the Linebacker. Slap in two LB20xs and a mess of secondary weapons and hug face. Enjoy.

#7 Koniving

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Posted 16 September 2017 - 10:22 AM

Keep in mind the Linebacker Loyalty reward is a top tier, meaning you'd need to get 2 Clan collector level packs in order to get it (that's about 80, or for the best value, collect the Clan Origins as that'd get you 12 mechs with 4 of them being cbill bonus mechs for that, rather than 6 mechs + 2 cbill+ mechs for only a total of 8 rather than 12.)

This said.. You'd get the regular Clan bonus along the way which was a , uh... Kit fox wasn't it? Yeah.

Personally I'm going the IS side for top, as for the lower end stuff I already qualified for it.

#8 TooDumbToQuit


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Posted 09 October 2017 - 07:49 PM

The Stormcrow. As I like to say, it bought most of my other mechs. Back then it could also be used for scouting.

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