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About Those Nightstars

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Posted 24 October 2017 - 09:18 AM

TL;DR version: A non-OP mech that will be a nice addition to your stable when it comes out for space bucks if you don't want to spend real $.

Hello everybody,

I pre-ordered the collector's and reinforcement packs for the NSP. I got a bit curious when they first changed the angle of the arms, and then after all the negative reviews on the forums about the chassis I was hoping I hadn't thrown my money away.

Then came the Weekend Warrior and Escalation mech challenges. Other than shifting some armour and/or ammo around and adding a Beagle to the hero, I ran the Nightstars with their default load outs without any skill node upgrades and was able to complete the WW event without difficulty and eventually purchased the hero to complete the Escalation challenge for the NSP series.

I managed my first 1000+ damage match, had several 500+ damage matches (I'm still a T5 stem tuber), got my first 5+ kill match and enough assists to finally earn the 'Giant Helper' title.

Yes, the mech is slow (except for the -9FC) and squishy compared to many other assault mechs (the only other IS assaults I have are the Cyclops series and one MX-90 which I haven't used yet. I also have the MADIIC and MCII on the Clan side). Firepower is a little anemic compared to other Assaults and cockpit visibility could be better but for whatever reason, I found the NSP to be a very useful mech. You have to pay more attention to positioning and as long as you can stay within around 200m of the team you can be an asset to your side.

While it is useful to consider things like dps, damage per heat/ton, torso turn speed/range, acceleration etc, there are too many variables in qp to judge the performance of a mech based solely on weapons/mech stats in that game mode. At this time I have no idea how the NSP will perform in fw.

All in all, the NSP isn't outstanding in any particular area but is competent in most imo. I think it is also new-player friendly enough to be worth a look for beginners. It's not so OP that it risks chassis-specific nerfs when it comes out for c-bills - of course weapons are another story.

I won't recommend any particular chassis or build because my results were similar across the whole series, i.e. some great matches, some so-so, and a few embarrassing sub-100 dmg stomps.

Good hunting,
CFC Conky

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