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Posted 17 November 2017 - 07:58 PM

So I was playing my new loyalty Kitfox on Rubellite Oasis, and when I tried and failed jumpjetting onto a ledge, I instead got stuck inside the wall. I was still able to move left and right along the area i was stuck inside, and from certain positions shoot out into e5 and part of e6. Unsurprisingly I was still able to shoot down lrms with my ams as well. My guess that is since their are little gaps in the wall, I was able to clip through by sliding down while moving towards it. https://imgur.com/nAaRFRJ

the bug happens along the line between f6 and e6

So I had another game on Rubellite as my kitfox and after getting a rather large lead decided to try recreating the glitch for science since my team no longer needed me. All you have to do is jump off the ramp leading up to the location, and then if you land on the small ledge sticking out in the middle of the wall, you can walk along it and slide through the wall.

Here is another screenshot, this one being the second instance where I intentionally got stuck in order to see whether or not this bug can be intentionally created.
(note the ramp used to jump down here)

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