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(Eu) Is Loyalty Unit

EU IS Unit

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Posted 25 February 2018 - 02:25 AM

Hello. i want to make a unit that has IS in focus. and EU time zone. i have been with a unit for some time, and its been fun. But the time zone is an issue wen everyone is spread out and awake at different times.

what i want is to get in to faction play as much as possible. quick play is not out of the question. but our goal for unit drop days will be faction. to get that going on EU timezone we need 12 man drops. or ells we are stuck at starting at midnight. i want to get the faction action EU time too.

Coms will be on Discord, i got a channel up and running. i know there are alot of people stuck in TS or other coms. give discord a chance ok, its good.

does not matter if your new or old player. i want people. the rest we will work out. only thing we need to be on par with is simple. EU time zone, IS Loyalty.

i wanna stomp clanner scum, but i need back up.


Any IS units that might need some fillers to get a 12 man drop, can also hit me up.

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